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Day Z

This is one of the few games I'm really excited about. It's basically a zombie-apocalypse game, unlike any other you've probably played.

It's incredibly hardcore - you get thrown in a world infested with zombies with just a flashlight and a few bandages, and your only mission is to stay alive. You must scour for food, water, supplies, and weapons to stay alive. But most importantly, when you die, you die permanently. No respawning, or getting your items back. You lose everything. Should you choose to play again you'll have to start from scratch - with just a flashlight and a few bandages.

Take all those elements and add multiplayer in the mix. With other players around trying to survive with what little supplies they have, and with the cost of death so staggering, you'll have second thoughts about trusting that random guy you run into as you scavenge a grocery store for beans. And most likely, he won't trust you either. I've been forced into gunfights when I accidentally stumble upon other players scrounging for supplies, most of the time they fire first after being startled. They always die in the ensuing gun battle. Yep, I'm a little gunslinger. Or I'm just lucky.

The bad side about this game? It's a mod. You will need Arma 2: Combined Operations to run this game. The game engine itself isn't optimized to run a game like this, so it gets incredibly laggy especially when you're in one of the game's cities.


There's a standalone version due out this end of November, supposedly in an Alpha state. Hopefully it will solve all the known issues of the current mod (fingers crossed).

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