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Phone rooting

Has anybody rooted their phones? If so what phone and how did it go? I have the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim and kinda want to root my phone. I found some way to root it, though I am unsure if I want to risk it.
go to xdadeveloper. if your phone is commonly used phone you can get all the help you need there.

i'm using few smartphones and all are rooted, s-off and superCID, without any problem.

then again, without specific need like installing custom ROM or using certain app, you don't need any of that and just be happy with full warranty.
I just got my first Android phone and I found that it had so many useless apps preinstalled that I rooted it just so I could find enough space update the apps I wanted to and install a few new ones. The only thing I've done since rooting was to clear all that wasted space and move things to my SD card that I couldn't before. Then again, I'm on a prepaid plan so I don't really have much of a warranty on my phone to worry about.
My phone isn't exactly a popular version, so it doesn't have much for it, including cases(especially cases and accessories). It is the same as the Samsung Illusion that is one of Verizon's Androids.
I was trying to root my phone, but then I decided against it, since there wasn't much that I wanted to do that required rooting. I figured that it wasn't worth all the trouble and risks to my phone.
Rooting the phone is good because you will have the superuser access. It requires to run a simple application in recovery mode. However it will void any warranty on the phone instantly and the procedure, if wrongly done, may convert your phone into a brick.
I've jailbroken a few iphones in my day, I'd imagine the process is about the same. The programs that are made these days make it a breeze. But my opinion is if it ain't broken, and you don't see any benefit of doing it then don't do it.

The jailbreaks I did were to use different providers SIM cards.
coolclay wrote:
The jailbreaks I did were to use different providers SIM cards.
I was in that situation when I visited Canada in September. I went to great trouble to get roaming on my phone from the UAE, but then found that my phone and sim card did not work in Canada. I did not want to pay a lot of money for a phone, so the concierge where I was staying recommended FactoryDirect for me and was able to get a really cheap unlocked Motorola. Then had to search how to get a SIM card, however finally did get one cheaply in a shopping mall down the road, that was meant for a chat service.
I have actually got my phone rooted successfully Smile I am happy. Now I can uninstall unnecessary junk
Who doesn't need unnecessary junk?
Worst is all of the unnecessary junk that gets loaded on new desktop and laptop computers. Takes me ages to get rid of those. For example when I purchased my new Toshiba Laptop in July, there were so many irritating pop-ups and bells and whistles. During my first sessions, at least a good chunk of time went to turning them off, or getting rid of the software. Worst one is when they pre-load their own preferred anti-virus software.
i have phone root setting enable. I did this with one of my phone.. i brought china phone with android Operating system and i tried and experiment it on my developing apps.. It was so nice actually since it is not that much expensive so i can do what ever i want to do.
Yeah bloatware is ridiculous, even on PC. I currently just froze the unneeded stuff
I never rooted my phones. Rooting your house will void your warranty.
The removal of unnecessary applications (the applications which you will never use) frees up additional memory space and makes the system faster. However you should be very much aware of the effect on overall system before removing any application. Always take a backup of the entire system ( Here comes the necessity of rooting as most backup software like CWM requires the phone to be rooted.)
If anything goes wrong the old one can be easily restored.

I personally do not like to involve the PC for backup and restore. I usually take backup of my phone to SD card so that it can be restored anywhere and any time using only the phone itself.
I think that the most versatile and easy usage app to root most android phones is :

and it has a latest version that actualy unroot the phone if need to be.

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It's probably the best thing you will ever do to these androids Smile
Now a days , some applications require root access ( like atomic clock sync) in order to be installed. Your phone must be rooted for them. However there are several applications available to "unroot" the phone also. By this you can get back the warranty of your phone.
milkshake01 wrote:
I never rooted my phones. Rooting your house will void your warranty.

I think root not void the warranty, unlock bootloader will void the waranty. I always root all my android phone, and nothing bad happen. Rooting just make android more usefull with many app
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