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In No Uncertain Terms

I'm getting damned tired of being made to feel like I have to defend the United States of America against accusations made by people from other countries who consistently prove themselves to be lacking in any respectability or honor whatsoever, and I think it's about time I expressed a few of my more contentious views concerning the "international community" in general.

When this country and it's coalition partners first invaded Iraq some 21 months ago, the international press began a disinformation campaign of practically unparalleled proportions, designed specifically to turn world opinion against our efforts to root out and destroy terrorists and the dictators who support them.

While a few corrupt governments, like those of France and Russia, where immediately cast as moral defenders of "international law" for actively working against us in order to protect their illegal arms and oil deals with Saddam Hussein, the Bush Administration was painted as an imperialistic, Muslim-hating regime, as bad, if not worse, than the very dictatorship it sought to bring down.

A handful of devious, self-serving, and as we are all now aware, criminal elements within the U.N. Security Council were, and still are, portrayed as being representative of the majority of it's members, in spite of the obvious fact that they never were. And to this day, America's involvement in Iraq is referred to as a "unilateral" assault, as if the people using that term have never bothered to pick up a dictionary before.

Note: Just for those of you out there who are as ignorant as these swine pretend to be, the word unilateral (as it applies to this situation) basically means to act alone. The United States did not invade Iraq all by itself, and everyone in the world knows it, but that reality hasn't stopped anyone with an anti-American attitude from insisting that it did.

To add insult to injury, most news organizations on earth refuse to even use the word terrorists when identifying our enemies in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, and I have to wonder what kind of act a human being has to commit to be considered one by the global media. Apparently a terrorist is someone who does something WORSE than strapping a bomb to himself and detonating it in a crowd, or sawing off the heads of innocent men and women as they helplessly plead for their lives.

Clearly these so-called reporters, in conjunction with many of the leaders of their respective countries, have chosen to apply words like militants and insurgents to those who commit acts of terrorism in an attempt to humanize these inhuman monsters. The only reason anyone would do that is because they want to convince people that terrorists are really no worse than the rest of us. The more human their depiction of terrorists, the less able people will be to sustain their hatred of them, and, consequently, the harder it will be for them to support the Iraq War or any future American-lead military engagement.

Any good propagandist knows that it's not what you say, but how you say it that matters the most, and if the international press learned anything from Adolph Hitler's reign, it was how to use propaganda. After all, they've been perfecting their techniques in that regard ever since the state of Israel was first established. From day one, most of them, as well as the majority of countries in the world, have taken sides against the Jewish homeland, and in true Nazi-like fashion, have attempted to characterize the terrorist hoards who seek to destroy it as downtrodden freedom fighters.

People with the sort of mentality which would allow them to do such an unconscionable thing wouldn't hesitate to use those same tactics to undermine our war effort, and it has become quite apparent that they're committed to doing just that. Their reasons for wanting us to fail are numerous, but the primary one seems to be that they fear us even more than they fear terrorism.

Their Americaphobia stems from the fact that we are the world's lone superpower, and to make matters worse (at least in their minds) we're capitalists! Most of them embrace either socialism, its big brother communism, or fascism, so it's no wonder they hate most of the things we do. We're never considered to be right in the eyes of most of the planet's inhabitants, but then, most of them are ignorant, brainwashed, and destitute, so what they think is irrelevant to the majority of Americans.

It's also no mystery why the more powerful of the countries which have joined our war coalition just happen to be among the most capitalistic and libertarian in the world. You see, people who are allowed to achieve something throughout the course of their lives, and are able to educate themselves without the government intruding upon them at every turn, generally have the capacity to understand that eradicating mass murderers and tyrants is essentially a good thing.

Such people have lived the superior lifestyles afforded them through acceptance of a more American modus vivendi, and are, therefore, able to appreciate just how bad everyone else has it... and why! Once an individual has tasted the fruits of capitalism, personal liberty and justice, that person is unlikely to ever return to the disastrous ways of some other failed ideology.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of human beings have yet to experience any of the positive things I've just mentioned, and the people who run most of their countries have concluded that it's easier to achieve power and privilege through murder, theft, lies, and intimidation than it is to work for it. And, of course, they're right... which is exactly why they, like terrorists, need to be eliminated.

Frankly, the best thing America can do for itself and the planet is spread freedom through force, as oxymoronic as that concept may seem to many people. At this point in history, there are few other options available to it, and my advice to the rest of the world is that if wishes to get along with this country, it had better learn to embrace the American way of life, because I can promise you that America has no intention of becoming like the rest of the world.


In lieu of commentary I'll just colorize some bits
freedom by force

Sounds like America all right! Wink
Edward Daley wrote:
if the international press learned anything from Adolph Hitler's reign, it was how to use propaganda.

Apparently, so did the National Media, according to you all. Let's see now... who was shouting through the roofs about the liberals using the media to promote "libbie propoganda"?
Edward Daley wrote:
And, of course, they're right... which is exactly why they, like terrorists, need to be eliminated.

OK, Let's all go nuke the ****** out of any and all countries that are not capilastic.

Out of time, have to go... will highlight some more interesting points from this article later.
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