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Is the US an International Bully or the "free world sav

Is the US an international bully or the "free world savior" the current US government claim.
Your thoughts please.
(calm,cool and collected does it) please =)
I wouldn't exactly call them a saviour no.

Saviours tend to do good things for others.
They are much like what a man is today. There is good and bad sides. So, for those who are receiving the good part - its like USA is a Savior while for others it could be bullying around. This is the nature of man, tribes, nations and communites.
Dragonfly wrote:
This is the nature of man, tribes, nations and communites.

Don't you think that is a bit primitive for modern society? The fact that the US maintains its position as this pseudo-overlord blocks any progress for uniting the world, and by refusing to join in with global initiatives such as the Kyoto Protocol, yet being the first to call for military action, seems to me a rather negative stance, preventing development in a pretty negative way.

phew! Silenced
Gonz.,,,,,*pads him comforting on the back*

I am going for something "a little more constructive" in the way of dialogue and not so much in way of "rant" *holds his arm up to avoid the baseballbat*

Simply because these are interesting times (to quote a famous Chinese curse), where the search for the "ONLY truth" (as presented by the current US Government) may not be the way the other (and equally important) other democratic Countries see the situation.

My father taught me that "one man's truth may not nessesarilly be another man's truth". Something which I after many years of whitnessing world events have come to agree with.

As has been pointed out by others here in the forum, on many ocations have the US refrained from partaking in decisions and forums which have great impact on the world as a whole, out from what could appear being purely egoistic reasons. The examples are plentifull over the last decades.

And when the decisions a nation makes can be viewed as being of National Economical (or maybe Group National Economical) and NOT world wide interests being served, while marketing them as being for the good of the world, many of us sit up and pay attention as it then becomes serious for the rest of the world as a whole.

Hence this topic with a different twist.
They seem to have a scorched earth policy to everything.

they do bad things, but sometimes there comes good from this bad things. not that i think that it might justify it.

team america shows pretty good how they are ;D
planet wrote:

My father taught me that "one man's truth may not nessesarilly be another man's truth".

I agree, the United States might be a great country for the majority of their citizens, but there are large groups of people in the US living in "third world" (or even worse in terms of violence) conditions.

The US government and the majority of their citizens defend the liberal economic system (which is more than just capitalism) at all costs. They also unrighteously claim that the people living in these so called "ghettos" are responsible for their own misery. These people are not treated equally to the rest of the citizens as so many americans like to think, they have had a very very very small chance of becoming succesful since the day they were born.

As for the international policy of the US, it is shocking to see how much influence they have, and even more shocking to see what they use their power for.
For example: research has been done concerning the SOA (Shool of the Americas), a school attended by many members of latin american militaries. The americans imposed on them a view of society in which the military has the task to compell people to behave properly. In other words, destroy everyone who is critical of the state.
Among its graduates were perpetrators of some of the worst human rights violations comitted in Latin America in the 1970s and 1980s.

I could go on for a long time, but this is all for now...
Few countries have had the enourmous resources as those of the US. This gives the US a power to do a lot of good in the world should they choose to do so. On the other hand there are national interests that always seem to take the upper side. One of those interests is spelled oil, and if anyone in the world threaten the oilsupply the US will respond as a threatend animal, ie with violence.
S3nd K3ys
otiscom wrote:
They seem to have a scorched earth policy to everything.


Like what? Got an example? You talking about all the oil fires the US lit just before Saddam was outsted from Kuwait? Wink
The US can be a bully sometimes, and I wouldn't exactly call them a saviour.
otiscom wrote:
They seem to have a scorched earth policy to everything.


No, I wish we did, because that kind of policy would make for a different Iraq war: Just unleash the full nuclear arsenal and make the entire country uninhabitable for a century!

I'm supposing you are jesting =)
But such an action would just be asking for a return of the "favor" (as in Mid Florida not having one weasel left alive) =))
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