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Video Game Violence

I just recorded a special on this subject from G4tv on my dvr. I havent watched it yet but I will say this. I'm tired of people saying games are the reason our teens of America are killing other teens. Note to all parents. If the game is rated M then you dont buy if for you kids. Its not the games its the parents fault for letting their kids play these games which is targeted for a older audeince. Its not the games fault these parents let their kids play these games and not teach them the difference between real life and fiction. For example which is sad, In my home town of tampa there was a guy around 20 years old living with his mom. He bought everquest and started to play. Got so addicted that he quit his job and only stopped playing to for basic needs.
It got so bad that his mom had to bring his meals to him so he didnt have to stop playing. As bad as that is it gets worse. After playing for six weeks straight as we all know when you die in everquest thats it you done and you have to start over. Well six weeks playing his char died. And the dude killed himself over it. I like games too man but come on. So quit blaming it on the games parents and take responsibility.
The real problem with video game violence is the the population at large thinks that all games are for children and that no warning label is going to convince them otherwise. The ESRB used to have a series of public service announcements aimed at educating the public, but they haven't used them in a few years and no one remembers them.
The problem is not violent video games; the problem is public education.
The problem is people are dumb.
In fact violence in teens has gone down over the past few years, and anyone who says video games made someone do something is lieing.It's apon the person themselve wether the do something or not, it's just the kid being a fool that causes them to kill.
The problem is not games, it's education.
If a young kid plays violent videogame (as gta), there is no reason that this kid become mad and kill evrybody.
But if this kid has a very poor education, his parents are violents, his father drink, he owns fireamrs and play with. In that case, the kid can make a genocide in his school.

In france, when I was child, very violent japanses cartoons where for childs because many people thinks cartoons == childs. And all french kids have seens there violent cartoons, but no one have killed somebody...

I think kid's violence is more a society problem that a video games problem.
The society is violent so kids are violent!
Monkeydog wrote:
The problem is people are dumb.
In fact violence in teens has gone down over the past few years, and anyone who says video games made someone do something is lieing.It's apon the person themselve wether the do something or not, it's just the kid being a fool that causes them to kill.

Not people PARENTS are dumb.

most parents dont buy their kids violent games, and do bring them up properly.

The ones who dont are the ones who complain loudly that they did a crap job of looking after / educating their kids about whats real and acceptable and what isnt.
I am going to have to go with the people who agree with that it's the parents job to watch what their kids are playing.

I recall a portion of a lecture at Michigan State where in my Social History of Video Game class had a debate how violent games impacted kids. Although there wasn't enough research done, however the most interesting thing that stuck to me was how he said people can get desensitized from all the blood and gore.

Even the Marines, Army utilizes Doom to help train for reflexes and team work. Although knowing how to kill and being able to kill are two different things...
I don't believe for a second, it is the games. I don't believe for a second, it is the movies. I don't believe for a second it is the TV.

Throughout the history of people, there have been violent people! Please tell me, what game, movie, or tv shows caused people like:

Jack The Ripper

etc. etc.

to do what they did?

When I was growing up, I watched Road Runner/Bugs Bunny hour - A LOT!!! It never made me want to jump off a cliff, drop an anvil on somebody's head, or order anything from ACME.
nice reactions people.. yeah i definitely with the majority of the people on this thread.. IT IS NOT THE VIDEO GAMES' FAULT.. if the child was brought up in the right way and in the proper environment, he/sahe would develop shall we say morally correct attitudes.. the big responsibility lies on the parents and they should not point an accusing finger on vide games, music etc.. yes video games are violent, but so what?? if you have a clear distinction between reality and fantasy then there will be no problems that will arise.. and once again it is the parents' responsibility to make a line between reality and fantasy.. it is also the responsibiloty of the parents to strictly enforce the ratings found on the box of the video games..

over the years, teenage agression is equated to the influence of video games.. but where are the drugs,?? i guess instead of making a campaign against video games, why not make a campaign over drug abuse.. many teenagers now indulge in illegal drugs..

this is just my 2 cents.. oh and by the way, i am also a video game addict and it has not influenced my way of thinking... remember guys... its only a game if you treat it a game..
me too...i dont think that the games for example gta (all versions)....produce violence in teenager.I like gta, or game of fps (conter,unreal,etc)....this games rulzzzz...arre very fun xD.
Raven The Dark Angel
Feh! Sometimes I think the parents that are truly at fault don't want to take the blame at their poor parenting skills and so they blame it on something easy like videogames, movies, tv and other stuff like that. That makes me so mad and just shows what a terrible parent they really are since they can't even take responsiblity for their own actions or lack there of.

Besides talking about desensitzing... why is games blamed the most. IF you are going to blame anything the worst of the worst to me is the News itself! All they talk about is bad stuff and how this or that person got killed or whatever. Maybe some crazy might think "hey cool I wanna be famous too!" and go kill someone for that.

The point is if you cannot distguish reality from fiction you have a mental problem that should be addressed. Anyone in their right mind knows the difference between right and wrong. There must be a real serious issue besides playing games that does this.

Oh and geeze about that Everquest guy. Man I heard some of my friends joking about calling it EverCrack instead but wow. Didn't think anyone would kill themself over it...
systemofaxav is totally right, Video Games are part of the problem but not the whole thing. A chain reaction of stuff such as education, location of living, parents, people at school, the media, and self respect are a big part of violence in teens. I know people that could be in a better place than they are now, they have totally blown off school, they don't get along with their parents and they are constantly getting in fights with other people because of the other person saying something stupid like "YOU SLEPT WITH SO AND SO" and its totally BS and then they go and hurt/kill someone. And whats wrong with this? It seems like absolutely nothing! The media is all "you can kill so and so for no reason and get away with it" or at least it seems like it. The media seems to be pushing that and sex more than anything else. I personally use violent video games to get my stress out from the day. I don't like where I live, my school, and my fellow peers because it seems like 60% of my school is like this and nobody gives a crap to stop it.
I agree. I mean how can you blame videogames if the parents are allowing their children to buy them. I mean they cannot say that there are no warnings; that's what ESRB is for. Also if a child can be affect by a videogame to the point where their reality is warped then their parents obviously haven't been doing a very good job raising them. Or at least complete missed noticing it early on and stopping the child from playing the games in the first place.
I agree as well. Everyone watches horror movies, but does everyone go out and murder cab drivers with a chainsaw? People need to get a grip.
Me too, I think that the violence of some people don't come from video games.
I watched the show in G4 as I mentioned in my origanal post and I agree with the show basicly no its not the games fault but if you kid has a tendicie to go and put a m80 on a cats tail then no you dont buy them those games course it has esrb ratings for a reason its all the parents fault I have a 6 year old son and although he can tell the diff between reality and fantasy pretty good Im not going to let him play gta As someone said earleir they do make games for adults so those parents who blame the games just want to point there finger anywhere except where it belongs and thats themselves
Why do people think that computer games make people kill each other, politics make people kill each other not games (although to some morons politics is a game) What do you think that america wouldnt invade other countries if there werent any computer games? i mean its just so stupid people die for loads of reasons, people die from CHOKING ON PENS FFS!
computer games dont make people kill each other... unless they all really are controlling what happens in other universes Anxious .
A little killling is ok - but some games have too much violence - unwanted violence.
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