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Blackberry, ActiveSync etc

Hi everyone. My boss has a Blackberry Bold and wants his work email to sync with his blackberry. Now we have ActiveSync enabled and it works like a dream on Android and iOS devices. But Blackberry is a different matter altogether. It simply doesn't work. Do you seriously have to have paid for server applications such as NotifySync or BES to make it work?

We are with VodafoneUK and when I attempted to setup the email account, we got an email from Vodafone

Your attempt to configure the BlackBerry Internet Service to deliver mail to your BlackBerry device from this email account was unsuccessful. This email provides instructions to help with the email account set up.

You submitted the following information:
Account Type: Outlook Web Access
Email Address:

User Name: theboss
Password: ****** (For security the password is not displayed.)
Mail Server: https://outlookwebaccessaddress

Please confirm the information. Refer to the instructions below for help in determining the correct information. After confirming the information, log in to the BlackBerry Internet Service site and try again.

If you access your email account using a web browser (using a program called Outlook™ Web Access), you need the following information.
Note: You can find out this information from your System Administrator:
• Outlook Web Access URL: The web address for accessing your corporate email
for example,
• Email Address: Your email address
for example,
• Email account Name: The portion of the email address before the "@" symbol. Often the same as your user name
for example, patrickmoser in the address
• User Name: The user name for your account on the Microsoft® Exchange server
for example, patrickmoser
• Password: The Outlook or network login password

If you are still having difficulties adding your email account, visit the online help on the BlackBerry Internet Service site.

I tried creating a Blackberry Internet Service account for Vodafone but it told me an account can't be set up on a computer and that it has to be set up through the blackberry device's email program, but I can't find anywhere in here to do it other than setting up a new email account (there's a googlemail account already set up on this device).

Is anyone able to help at all?

Have to say that Blackberry are being left behind so fast by other systems. It is so simple to setup ActiveSync on android and iOS devices.
i'm using this:

see my post here:

you got to explain to your boss what's blackberry is all about. tell your boss the history of mobile data, how they evolve from PAYU to unlimited usage, then explain the long polling technology. if he insist on using it then he need to spend just a little more for BES so that all his old friend will be impress with him.

then make sure you *manually* backup everything on his phone everyday in case RIM decide to close shop. any minute now.

oh, find a software that can transfer everything from his computer back to whatever new phone he will choose later.

p.s. if possible, work for someone smarter than you.

I have persuaded him to change to iPhone when the contract is due for renewal soon. For now he can use his iPad for email Smile
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