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I know I said that I was no longer posting on this forum but I'll drop another one because this forum has reserved a special part in my heart. ( I can't help it, mostly because of the reactions on the blog post)
most of you that know me know that my wife and I were expecting and that our son was 'calculated' to be born on 10-11-12 ( that would have been a cool date of birth).

to start the story, friday( 9/11/12) evening I worked on my schoolproject, for those that don't know I'm in the final year of a 3 year programmer/analyst course, and against better judgement I worked till arround 4am. (peope that also are affected by the programmers syndrome will know why this happened )

the next morning I woke up at 9;30am as ususal for a saturday and went on with the usual business.
around 21:00 my wife told me that she had some blood in her (not sure of the word but google translate says) 'sanitary napkins'.
so we head out to the hospital at 21:00.

12 emotional and painful (for my wife) hours later, our son, Matteo is born.
date of birth 11/11/2012, 50cm 4.64Kg

at the moment ( 11/11/2012 22:18 ) I'm still awake because of adrenaline, I tried to get some sleep but I cant.
I'm in the hospitalroom with my wife and son and they are both a sleep.

the only option that I have to get some sleep is to get sh*tfaced(p*ssed, drunk as f*ck) first.

sorry if this post doesn't make sense, I'm awake for god knows how long and i've already had a few beers.
Ah, congratulations dude!

My son is getting slowly into the grown up stage but I'll never forget the day he was born, I smiled, I laughed and I cried. It'll settle down in a few days, now just carry on being some strength to the beautiful woman you love who carried your special little person Smile
First off, good to see you didn't leave. Second congrats I remember when my daughter was born. I loved it, she was attached to me and if my wife tried holding her she would start crying, which upset her mom. Wife doesn't remember that but I do and know I am not making it up. They can be a bundle of joy and headache at the same time but I love her dearly.
Congratulations, Marcuzzo. Your wife and son clearly deserve your full attention. I hope you will not let either your latest programming project nor Frihost detract from your relationship to them. I am glad Frihost got the benefit of your need to unwind, and I hope we will get occasional updates on Matteo's growth and antics.
Be a good father and active member Wink
You can't imagine how GREAT it was to find this post Marcuzzo. At the blog post stage I wanted to ask about your wife, however now you have answered my question.

CONGRATULATIONS! Daddy Marcuzzo! That must be a pretty amazing experience. Must be one of those moments in your life you'll never forget!

In which it can also be one of the most headaches at times as well LOL, but headache of love.
Good News! Man

He is 4.64Kg, what a big boy!
I just saw the "How I met your mother" season 08 episode 03, which major topic is about Lily's dad,
and that's touching.
You will be a good dad, too.
Well congratulations on the birth of your son. Treat?
M it is mind blowing
Mine posts on Frihost and uses it's service
All the best...
Well remember to keep us posted on the baby. Of course the net is a great resource but can Also be bad.
Congratulations to you and your wife on birth of your son. Looking forward to pictures of your little bundle of joy.
Matteo is a great name. Really like it. Cool
Super exciting dude! Well except the no sleep part, but good luck with the drinking and passing out. Some sleeping aids might be a better idea, but not near as fun I am sure!
Marcuzzo wrote:
12 emotional and painful (for my wife) hours later, our son, Matteo is born.
date of birth 11/11/2012, 50cm 4.64Kg

Welcome to Earth Matteo, and best wishes to you all.

What is the background on the name of your son then?


Yes congratulations mate. The first one is always super special although each one after that is still the same. You now have about 20 years of parenting before you so enjoy them. It is a special time in your life.
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