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any good tutorial sites?
First of all, you should go to W3Schools so that you can learn to hand code your site instead of usin Dreamweaver. Second, Pixel2Life has Tutorials for everything.
i feel all these tutorials are rather useless simply because it does not put the tools to application in designing complex stuff.

is there a specific site which provides tutorials from random people teaching their own complex applications?

for example, does this but the field is Photoshop.

any for dreamweaver? Confused
How important is the ability to hand code when you are using a software like dreamwaever?
well im a noob but generally you must be able to read a lil html. dreamweaver has the design tab where you can do all the designing visually. something like the feature on front page, but better in a sense that it's more complex Confused
this forum is amazing!! thanks once more for the great help you are us, in our first steps in web design Cool
I agree. Its extremely important to understand the code and not just jump into web development with designing visually with dreamweaver. if you understand the basics by starting to hand code with textedit or notepad, you will understand what dreamweaver is doing. this will benefit you a lot in the long run. I've found that its easier and even faster to get exactly what you want when hand coding when you get really good at it as opposed to using dreamweaver to do all the code. some times you get unexpected results with dreamweaver
To get my little input in ...

I acquired Dreamweaver a while ago when I decided to start trying the oft traveled world of web design. I won't say it's a bad program, not at all, in fact while I consider it a little sluggish (I had problems when I had everything open at the same time: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Browsers) for my computer, it will at the very least speed up your coding times with its autocomplete features and the handy boxes where you can define the properties for every one of your elements.

To tell you the truth, I never went further ahead than this handy tools for web site coding. Eventually I just realized I felt more comfortable with a text editor. Don't get me wrong, I don't use Notepad either, there are a lot of free editors with loads of lovely perks for programmers and coders that would fit you nicely. The thing was, that at the end of the day, I found the visual editing useless, and the whole program too sluggish for my taste.

But, let's make a nice search for you =).

a) IDM Dreamweaver Tutorial

b) Dreamweaver (video and whatnot) Tutorials

c) Dreamweaver Tutorial

d) CBT Dreamweaver Tutorials

e) IndiaWeb Developers Tutorials

f) Beginner's Guide to Dreamweaver and Fireworks

Well, my good lad, since I started this post nearly 5 hours ago (I am actually studying for my exams, but shh, don't tell), that is going to be all for now. But, let me forward you to the all known fountain of wishful findings.

Google search for Dreamweaver tutorials.

i picked up most my stuff from pixel2life, but i guess most stuff and hope for the best
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