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What wiil the next sientific breakthrough be?

A really big discovery or breakthrough ..... something that has a solid proven near term application for mankind. Maybe something like these:

    cheap, safe and clean nuclear power .... e.g. fusion break through?
    cancer cure
    other medical cures e.g. Alzheimer's disease
    organ replacement without rejection problems
    halt to global warming
    some kind of practical application for those sub-nuclear 'zoo' discoveries e.g. quantum computers
    new battery technology to allow 1,000+ mile electric car range
    extraterrestrial contact

Think about what you think will reasonably prove out in say the next 5 - 10 years, not what you necessarily would just like to see.
Heh, energy sources that could power the entire world already exist it's just hard to prove.

*x-files music*

But anyway I personally would like to see some kind of space development, we've got new horizons arriving in 2015, voyager 1 gets out of the solar system either this year or next with several scientific apparatus still functioning, and maybe a manned mars mission 2025ish. However if we can sort out poverty it might cut down the vast amount of violence in the world but at the same time make sure we can discover brand new resources (possibly from space) that could help us feed all the hungry mouths. A general cut down on geopolitical nonsense and less counter intelligence would be my big wish for the next 20 years but I don't think that's going to happen. As for science I'd say space development is one of my favourite areas, that is the area I would like to see developed more without compromising more down to earth investments
Work is being done on methods to feed and water the world and do that with renewable energy .

Systems are already running and will need to be implemented large scale soon. These are in the form of solar powered green house structures. They are designed to run along coastal dessert strips and can produce enough water to be self sufficient and still have some left over to irrigate a section behind.

They would produce huge amounts of food and water and could sustain communities in areas presently not utilized.

Systems such as these as well as canals dug into desserts from the ocean creating areas for fish farming and growing salt resistant trees for firewood are already operating as trial systems.

If we could get these and similar systems funded and up and running around the world in needed areas it would go along way to feeding and sustaining much of our population.

Then we could go into space.
For sure
quantum computer technology
is coming soon.

Sadly, it is not for personally.
super counductors, heavy storage light weight batteries, 100% efficient cheap solar cells
Wireless point to point energy transfer, 6th sense computing....still to come more
I think the big breakthrough will be in the plasmatic areas of nature.
Plasma 'areas of nature'?
So you have gone from one set of bollox to another eh? From an idiot pseudo-physicist to a genuine physicist (Perratt) who's work and findings has been co-opted by the lunatic fringe and twisted to form 'hypotheses' such as the 'electric cosmos' and similar woo.

Renewable greenhouses?
Citation required. I suspect you mean seawater greenhouse technology. If so then no, it won't feed the world. It is a niche technology that has some application in coastal regions but the notion that it represents a mass production solution to food/water demand is fantasy and not even the patent holder - Charlie Patton - would make any such claim. They are most likely to be used in bio-fuel production using coastal scrub land - that is my prediction.
Haha - all seems like bollox when speeking of the future. I do believe we might get some good aspects of the over-plasmatic field - not that it leads to small tech inventions but that we can have use of it in heating or cooling the environment.

The small breakthru will be of new tv-sets...
cancer cure

I don't think we will ever get THE cancer cure. There are so many different types of cancer, even very different variations of leukemia, each needs its own treatment or a combination of treatments and pharmaceutical, also adjusted to the patient, his DNA and other parameter. Individual medicine will be a topic of the future, it actually already IS a topic: quick analysis of patience DNA and other parameter and the generation of a pharmaceutical optimized for him/her to achieve the best healing effects with a minimum of side effects.

organ replacement without rejection problems

Scientist are already working on this, for example to engineer / grow organs based on cell material taken form the patient. I also have been reading about medical 3D printer. I envision in the future a 3D printer which is fed by a few of my cells, then takes its time to incubate sufficient cell material to finally print an organ I can use, I can even pick from a catalog: a smaller nose, a more stable pelvic bone, a new lever ?

halt to global warming

Some scientist say global warming can't be stopped anymore for the next 20 years or so, because our atmosphere reacts slowly on emissions we have applied already in the past. Instead they recommend to better focus our efforts and energy to adjust our civilization to better survive on a plant where water levels are rising and climate is changing everywhere, like swimming buildings, better tsunami monitoring. Or growing new plants better adapted to the new climate everywhere. For example I have been reading about growing wine in our area here ( Rheinhessen in Germany ): we might have to start growing different types of wine, those which used to grow in hotter countries like Spain or Italy.

Heh, energy sources that could power the entire world already exist it's just hard to prove.

Actually using 500 square kilometers to harvest solar energy in the Sahara in Africa would deliver sufficient energy for the entire world today and even for the near future. "Only" problem to solve: how to distribute all the energy to all the countries far far away without loosing most or all of it ? Engineers work on new techniques to do so, like using direct-current voltage and laser technology. See this create video about this topic: The DESERTEC Vision.

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I would really love to become more integrated with machines, something like a cyborg. Imagine to have a wifi modem installed under your skin which makes you always connected to the Internet, or being able to become "smarter" by simply adding RAM memory to your brain...

The ultimate goal would be to transfer my consciousness to a computer, in order to become somehow immortal. Cool
What you describe, Pippo90, sounds a bit scary to me. Giving up our existence as human beings and transform ourselves into machines or some lifeform-machine-hybrid ( Cyborg ? ) is a step too far for me. What if someone hacks your brain and makes you a murderer or an idiot ?
Wearables are OK, I can always take them off when I like to be disconnected.
When I see modern people today crossing a street like a robot and just starring at their smartphone I get the strong feeling: this is going too far.
I just have been on vacation for three weeks - no news, no internet, no mobile. It actually works ! A colleague whom I told from my vacation - we have been traveling with a caravan and almost none of the camp grounds offered WLAN - right away replied: "Not for me ! I need internet every day".
spinout wrote:
Haha - all seems like bollox when speeking of the future. I do believe we might get some good aspects of the over-plasmatic field - not thatt it leads to small tech inventions but that we can have use of it in heating or cooling the environment.
What is an 'over-plasmatic field'?
The plasmatic state is not the end of states of matter to discover i think. So I do believe the science and taking advantage of matter in that region of state will be something good in the future. It will not produce "warp-speed" as on the sci-fi movies but maybe it can be in use in the making of new materials, alloys and similar.
Sounds somewhat perpetual motion machine to me.
Whoever said is WAS the end? There are 20-odd states of matter that I know of:-
Solids - Amorphous; Crystalline; Plastic crystal; supersolid
Liquids - Liquid crystal; disordered Hyperuniformity; quantum spin liquid; string net liquid; superfluid; supercritical fluid; dropletron
Quark-Gluon Plasma - weakly symmetric matter; strongly symmetric matter
Degenerate matter - Electron-degenerate matter; Neutron-degenerate matter; Strange matter
Photonic matter
Quantum Hall state
Quantum spin Hall state
Bose–Einstein condensate
Fermionic condensate

I don't think there is any 'undiscovered' state of matter in the plasma category - theory has no holes for it to be hiding in.
The biggest breakthrough would be to travel with the speed of light by converting a person into light using the relativity equation i.e. E= mc^2
then the light is again converted into mass while the relation holds true.

If this could happen we will be able to go around the universe and discover unimaginable things. Amazing right? Idea
I personally am convinced that a hamster-running-in-a-hamster-wheel space drive is next in line.
Beyond that, it's anyone's guess really. The thing about life altering tech is that the most radical breakthroughs are often hard to predict in their influence and scope.
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