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Laptop dont start unless the battery is removed.

My laptop dont start unless the battery is removed from the socket and it is plugged to AC plug.

I have a Acer aspire 5738Z and am having the following problem.
I have been using this laptop since last 2 and half years without problem. Only the battery used to drain too fast so i used to keep it plugged to the AC. It used to give battery backup of 1minute only recently. but today it stopped working that way too.Is there a way i can keep this laptop working without installing new battery as this is too old an laptop to buy new hardware for it.

The laptop boots only when it is plugged into AC and the battery is NOT inserted. If the battery is inserted, despite being on Ac, it will not boot and the power indicator just goes solid green. that is all. Then I cannot shut it down unless I remove the Ac and battery, holding the power button does nothing. I have an identical laptop and the battery works just fine in it so I know it is not the battery but perhaps the pins connecting it or the motherboard.
It sounds like the laptop works ok as long as the battery is left out and it is plugged in during use. Apparently you cannot shut it down properly though. I would guess that if you choose "shut down" from the menu it would preserve any changed files, even though it might not completely turn off until you unplug it.

Presumably a new battery would not solve the problem. If I understand you right, the old battery holds at least some charge when plugged into another laptop. I assume the battery from that laptop would not work at all in the bad one. You might not want to try that experiment, just in case the other battery would be damaged by doing so. Probably any repair to the motherboard or connector pins would be even more expensive than replacing the battery.
it seems your laptop tries to turn on using battery when battery is inserted and as your battery is completely dead you can not boot your computer when batter is inserted. so first thing i can think of is to see inside bios ans search for any power related options, if you find anything about battery try to change those options.

If there was nothing related to battery then i think there is a problem with your power circuit (including charging circuit) inside your laptop, which controls charging and hard shout down. so if you can test your laptop with another power circuit.
My sister's Dell had a similar problem: on boot, a warning message would appear saying that the battery was not recognized and that the system would not attempt to charge it. You had to press a key to continue. I'm guessing your computer is doing something similar, except instead of the warning, it's just refusing to boot. Checking the BIOS may be a good idea, as was suggested. Do you have another battery you could try? If that doesn't work, it's probably a deeper hardware problem as others have noted.
Sounds like power management issue. a BIOS check can fix this may be
if nothing of the above works you may need to replace your battery
wew! that's wired. my laptop works without battery and i usually do it if i am home to avoid damage on my battery because sometime i forgot to unplug it even if it is fully charge
Not working with battery probably means that battery is broken in such way that it shorts out the circuit, thus no power goes to the laptop.
It can be a bad battery or the battery contact on your laptop

see the video below it may help

You have to replace your battery otherwise take your laptop Acer service center they will suggest you best for your laptop.
As your battery is completely dead, you have to option to fix this:
1. Buy a new battery or if you know a hardware geek you can have you battery cells replaced (helpful if your model is old and no battery replacement is available on the market)
2. Use a saw to cut all battery's pin and let the laptop run on external power, leaving the dead battery shell their for decoration only.
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