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how do you deal with your daily life?

i just want to know how do you deal your daily life? how about your financial daily lifestyle ? how much it cost you everyday?
Is this a survey?
'how did you deal with your daily life' the question is not clear. what does it means?
It depends upon our Earnings and our daily basics, if we take an example of a poor he earns not more then 3000 rs per month and spends his daily basics not more then 50 rs and if we take someone who has got money then i think he spends the income of a poor just in a day or soon ! So it depends Rolling Eyes
one step at a time is how I deal with my day. Though sometimes I jump! Laughing
It varies for me depending on what I want/need to pay out for.
I'm self employed and this week I've only worked 2 days (by choice) got a job to finish tomorrow so that'll make 3 days and I will have covered everything I need to financially. Sure, I could have made a lot more this week but I wanted a couple of late mornings in bed and watch my lad play rugby for his school so I sacrificed the cash.
I admit I'm lucky to have the choice, but I've never been a slave to the wage, life is much more to me than 'shiny things' and I don't owe any financial institution anything.
My van may be 'used' 'second hand' but its paid for in full - same as everything else I own, that's why I can choose to have more family orientated 'lazy' days..
How do I deal with my day?
I'm a bit like Watersoul although I just have to make sure my other half is happy.
The kiddies are grown and Self sufficient
I don't work all the time. I take it when it comes,
Wish I could find a job that can become part-time. Sounds like an ideal way of living. Although I do enjoy my work environment very much. Doesn't feel as though someone is forcing me to be there. As long as I have that feeling and if they want to renew my contract next year, I can't think of an alternative way to earn my living. However, it's definitely not going to last forever, so part-time sounds good.
zimmer wrote:
i just want to know how do you deal your daily life? how about your financial daily lifestyle ? how much it cost you everyday?
I'm just a university student of China. On daily life of weekdays, I will go to attend classes , If weekends, I will go to study in library or stay in bedroom ,just watch films and sleep.
zimmer wrote:
i just want to know how do you deal your daily life? how about your financial daily lifestyle ? how much it cost you everyday?

I wake up each morning and consciously make an effort to focus on something positive in my life - no matter how bad things are at the time. This helps set a good mood and helps me deal with anything I may be confronted with throughout my day.

Financially I depend on my husband to look after money and provide what our family needs. I do the shopping and pay the bills, but I don't really look at the financial side of things. Personally (not household), I spend about $50 AUD a day.
Financially, currently, I have a job which is 12 hours per day 4 days on 4 off rotating roster. And it is my favourite employment structure so far. With 2 and a half hours travel time per day I don't have much time to do amything but work on my on days. But it is lovely to have 4 off, long weekend every weekend.

In terms of dealing with day to day I have been living as much as possible in the present, not dwelling on the past or dreaming too much about the future, not multi-tasking, but being fully engaged with what I am doing. Beats being withdrawn like I was a year ago.
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