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Who actually still plays browser based games?

Hi even though i have 2mb unlimited broadband i still some times like to play browser based games do you? admit it Cool Very Happy if you have any good browser games to recomend post them here! i have a good one about war
I play Neopets if you consider it a browser-based game. And if you don't, I play Pyramids, which is definitely a browser-based game. You can find a link to neopets on my site.
i play a game called ogame and dark throne which are turned based build and attack games but there are alot of people who play on there with me
I on and off play habbo hotel whichi s kinda a game.
Hey i play neo pets some times and im adicted to habbo hotel uk add me richiefrobro Cool Very Happy
all the yahoo games are java based in your browser and i love yahoo pool and a few of the card games. Yahoo pool is top dog. i have never really got into any other browser based games i did try some of those browser based RPGs a couple of years ago but i did find they tended to suck a little bit to be honest.
I play a game called Darkthrone
i play a game called nation states, which allows you to manage your own fictional country.

heres mine -
i play a mmorpg called omerta is the addy

the game is over the mafia world

if u ask me it is the best game of the sort

if u join send a pm to my(traxion) then i will explain u more over the game
I used to play,, and then after a long time of playing these time wasting games..i finally realized that they are time im into playing real games and also making a website.. Smile aint i smart? lmao
Richous05 wrote:
Hey i play neo pets some times and im adicted to habbo hotel uk add me richiefrobro Cool Very Happy

I play Habbo Canada
I play Neopets . Can some body recommad best browser-based ?
i play brower based games, some are good some are bad, but it really depends on what type and genre of game you like best.

here are mine a gangster game a space rpg game a funny and clever rpg an medival army style game, i personally dont like this one, but again, its a matter of personal opinion
Browser based games are excellent :D.

Some links: (English fantasy) (multi-lang crime simulation. depending on your country you can win real cash or hardware etc.) (German s-f) (same in Polish) (English character battle)

actually one of the biggest browser games there are Smile
i play it Smile
I used to play runescape but the site won't load it for me so I can't access it. I play another game but forgot what it was. Mad
i like to tell some thing before you start playing games online make sure you have good speed of internet so u can make consume your time and you wont get bored of
I like browser games. They have a certain atmosphere you don't get with "real games". It's like an oldskool nostalgia or something. I think they give you that childish sense of wonder back that modern technology has made many people lose.

I play a browser based RPG called Adventure Quest ( and I love it. I'm totally addicted.
i also admit there is nothing better than once in a while play a browser game!!! i am proud to play it:)
i play a lot of puzzle browser based games like luxor and zuma on yahoo!. they are an awesomely fun way to procrastinate
I am already too busy to play browser games but I have played Dark Throne, Outwar, Neopets and Runescape. I would also like to add, most of these I got bored with reasonably quickly due to either their overcomplication or just lack of gameplay.
klingoncowboy4 wrote:
Richous05 wrote:
Hey i play neo pets some times and im adicted to habbo hotel uk add me richiefrobro Cool Very Happy

I play Habbo Canada

I play Habbo Nederland ( The Netherlands ).
But my mom wont let me get credits, but that's ok, i begged alot, and now i trade with earnings. Now i bought a poster that is just out of catalog. Wait a
( few ) month(s) and sell it for alot. I only got now like 30-40 cred of stuff.
I've been playing ow for a very long time now.. it started as just a cure for boredom/timekiller, but now i'ts kind of my hobby:)
Not only do I still play browser based games, I play browser based text games. Not for very long, though. I usually get tired after a couple weeks and move on.
Lisianthus <-- one of my favorites
thought im not playing any know cause i cant find a good one ^^
For the dutch people:

You can make you're own shop in a mall. U need to keep it running and add employees and open more shops. It's very fun. But only in dutch.
I play Dark throne and TDZK for browser game and to many PC graphic games to try and list... into first person shooters alot.
Richous05 wrote:
Hi even though i have 2mb unlimited broadband i still some times like to play browser based games do you? admit it Cool Very Happy if you have any good browser games to recomend post them here! i have a good one about war

Some browser-based games run slowly, it has some problems when loading. I think all most of browser-based games is programmed by flash, java applet. So it take a long time to download each time we play which the game run slowly. How is your ideas?
gotta love good old tetris and breakout
Ya, i have to admit that on the darkest hours of night you migh find me on Embarassed
Jejeje, me too, silli, me too...

Many thanks to nickhaw, because I have founded my own new nation!! Very Happy
WRC Meister
Play im WRC Meister so leave me a msg. very friendly peeps, and its a clean chat, try it
I played neopets years ago, play runescape once in a while. I'm looking for a good game where you run a country or something, anyone have any suggestions? (can be text based or not)
I've plays it since age 3 (now it's age 7)
I like web browser-based games. I play Ogame(I've two accounts on other servers) and I also play travian. I used to play gangstawar and the crims but I gave up. Smile
I play Utopia.

I tried my hand at Earth:2025, Dominion and played a bit of Runescape years back.
Does the Kingdom of Loathing count? I still play that all the time, and occasionally go back to check on my Neopets.
I keep track of a city on Travian, but lately I've been under constant attack from people around me, so there's really not much I can do about that. Every time I manage to raise up an army, the huge cities around me just crush it.

It's getting sort of annoying really.
I play RuneScape. Used to play habbo too but that games garbage because its crawling with scammers, hackers, and grown men that pretend to be teens. Disgusting.
Patriot Players
Browser based games....ugh. Cant stand them. I mean ok some of them can be mildly entertaining, but I always feel like Im wasting time when I play them. Which of course I am.
I play Runescape off and on. There are a couple other games that don't readily come to mind at the moment that are browser based. Aol and Yahoo have alot of games that I enjoy on occassion as well when I want to play someting different that Runescape or Wow.
When I was at work, I will play some javascript game in the browser to relax.
I find most browser games to be very time-intensive. Not at the start, but when you actually want something done (and done right) it's virtually impossible to do so without investing hours and hours on end on it.

So, that's basically why I quit most of them. Smile
Hey, just found this topic on google and wanted to drop a line about this. I played and for some time and then i decided to build my own ...that was 3 years ago we are in alpha and i assure you will be amased of what came out Smile .. (rpg adventure)
AdventureQuest and DragonFable, two browser-based RPGs by the same creators.

Dragonfable, which is a sort of spin-off of AdventureQuest (prologue/alternate reality) is more recent, so it has less content for now. Both games are updated every week with new content (AQ on Thursdays and DF on Fridays), usually with new items and/or quests.
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