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svchost.exe error, superfetch?

svchost.exe is using 95,676 K of my memory, it isn't an issue right now because i think i might have taken some off the error away with disabling "windows driver foundation - user mode driver framework" but as soon as i open up another program the cpu usage spikes and doesn't come down from 100%, in the processes there is my programs running and svchost right up there with them. i know svchost shouldnt use this much memory, and when i end it windows stops being sleek so i dont want to do this, so i did a little more digging.

i found this program called "superfetch" and decided it didnt exactly look like a common place program so i opened it in my services and while watching my processor usage i noticed a complete drop in system usage.

however i researched this program and found that it is supposed to predict what programs i am going to use and keep my computer ready to jump to them. it said i should leave it on for this reason.

however i am not surfing my programs i am focusing (generally) on one high cpu demanding program and do not need to jump. so i disabled this and i am wondering if i will have any problems down the line.

i have recently also had problems on another computer with vga save software, however this computer does not seem to have be affected by the wretched outdated russian video driver

so what are your thoughts?

the whole issue really came up from a program called 'men of war' mostly the video driver it installed called vga save, as i said before. on my laptop it completely disabled my nvidia driver, tho nvidia is nothing to be proud of, but with VGA Save fan wouldn't chill and video processes were maxing

i bootlegged the game so it couldnt be updated which probably contributed to the problem, but it still was fixable. problem came about when i wanted to play mutliplayer and thus installed it on the other machine, which encountered these error i mentioned, thanks for response, and im new to these forums so dont be too harsh!
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