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Weight Training

Do you know how to do weight training?

Do you do weight training?

How much weight for you to start weight training?

What are the exercises you do for weight training?

What do you need for doing weight training at home?
lovescience wrote:
Do you know how to do weight training?

Do you do weight training?

How much weight for you to start weight training?

What are the exercises you do for weight training?

What do you need for doing weight training at home?

Yes, I'm about 75 kg right now. Mainly do bench presses and dumbell excercise, push ups, pull ups and situps are a must. There are many others that I can't name. Dumbells, some bars to do various pull ups, that's it. You can train at home. You can train most of your muscles by just using dumbells.
No I don't though my non lazy side would like to but my lazy side tends to win.
Weight training encompasses lots of different styles:

  • bodyweight training: pushups, pullups, dips, air squats, etc
  • olympic lifting: barbell/dumbbell snatches, cleans, jerks, etc
  • powerlifting: benchpress, squat, deadlift, etc
  • bodybuilding: isolation movements for specific muscles

IMHO experiment with the above and do what's best suited to your body. However, always focus on bodyweight exercises and powerlifting as a foundation; they build the necessary strength and foundational muscle for preventing injury and maximizing growth potential.
I used to go to a gym and do various exercises like bench press, leg curl, squat, etc. I think it's quite boring so nowadays I just do simple exercises at home with my own body as weight. Press-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc.
Weight training?

Move more and eat less.

Is it all of the food that a person eats necessary?
jajarvin wrote:
Weight training? Move more and eat less.

It depends on what your goal is. Your advice is probably good if you just want to lose weight. If you want to have strength or build muscles weight training is a good way to accomplish that.
I heard weight training can be good for activating the Human Growth Hormone naturally. All it takes are 10 minutes of resistance training. It is also good for keeping bones healthy.

Here are some of the other health benefits as well:
Health benefits

There are a variety of physical and mental health benefits that can be achieved through strength training:

Improved muscle strength and tone
Weight management
Prevention and control of health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis
Pain management
Improved mobility and balance
Improved posture
Decreased risk of injury
Increased bone density and strength
Reduced body fat
Increased muscle-to-fat ratio
Boosted metabolism (burning more kilojoules when at rest)
Improved sleep patterns
Increased self-esteem
Enhanced performance of everyday tasks.
If you're setting up your own program, you'll need to know some basic strength training principles. These principles will teach you how to make sure you're using enough weight, determine your sets and reps and insure you're always progressing in your workouts.
yeah i do weight training: i do some basic exercises at home. the most important thing here is: whether you want to train professionally, or do you want to train just to keep basic shape and feel fit.
those are two different beasts- if you want to go professional way: you should find a good trainer and go to a gym- nutrition is as important as training itself, maybe even more- it's a tough thing really.
now if you're choosing an easier way- just training for yourself (and to impress babes at the beach), you still need to train 2-3 times a week, and most importantly, you need to find proper exercises that work for you/ you like them: just browse youtube, there are plenty of channels there- you will benefit from seeing how exercises should be done visually...proper shape is very important...
good luck
Here is my number one resource for training, diet, and supplementation information:

The above posts are great, and given that I have been lifting weights since I was 16 years old, and I still lift to this day at 54 years old there is a lot of things that weight lifting and diet can be used for other than just being physically fit. Weights can be used for rehabilitation after injury, correcting health deficiencies, gaining strength, and my favorite - gaining muscle mass.

Here is some advice for newbies to weight training.
1) for the first 2 years stick to and master the basic straight bar exercises these are:

1) Bench Press
2) Military Press
3) Rows
4) Squats
5) Dead Lift

Additionally body weight exercises to master:
1) Pull ups
2) Chin ups
3) Dips

Eat a healthy diet including 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, with plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc.

By working hard to get stronger at these exercises while eating right and getting plenty of rest the average person will make phenomenal gains over the first year or two, after that there are incredible number of ways to train that the sky is the limit.

Making fitness and strength a part of you life and daily routine will be the best thing that you can do for you health, and well being throughout your life!

Just my 2 cents!!
Awesome questions asked and some good answers.

... But ... You must not go in blindly.

Set yourself some realistic goals.

If you are over weight, start there by loosing weight. To achieve this, you would have to work out your macros and just bring up your micros.

MACROS = MACRONUTRIENTS: These are your Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fibre, Fats and Salts. You want to work out your Macros so that you can loose weight, this is if you are overweight. If you aren't over weight, you can step ahead, but this information is also good. There are many resources around the internet which will help you work out your Macros and they will get you on your way.

MICROS = MICRONUTRIENTS: These are your Vitamins A-Z and your minerals. Always keep them high and you will be somewhat healthy.

As someone mentioned, there are many different classes under weight training.

Bodyweight training: Push ups, Pull ups, Dips, Squats..
    There are so many bodyweight exercise which one can do and a very good way to do them is in combination exercises which is mixing up loads of different body weight exercises into one repetition which makes up your set. You can do 20 minutes of bodyweight exercises which will burn more calories than you would running for 1 hour a day.

You can Google the rest of those types, but one that is not mentioned is Power Bodybuilding which is a mixture of doing strength and muscle building regimes together. The likes of Mike O'hearn and Chris Gethin from

I do weight training everyday, but I do a lot of combination exercises which bring in a lot of cardiovascular training within the actual weight lifting.

For starting weight lifting, you have to look at what is alright for you and what you feel comfortable with. But you have to get your form in order first, so I would start with an easy weight for say Bicep Curls so that you can do say 15 reps in a set. This will build your muscle strength. Form is important or you will not receive any gains and what you would be receiving would be a lot of injuries if you try and go heavy with bad form. It's up to form perfection and then your actual ability to lift. I played rugby as a child so I was very strong from a young age and this helped me when I decided to get into the gym, so it is different for a person who doesn't do any sport to someone that does do sports. Even that can have the odd case where someone doesn't do sports, but they are physically strong and can lift more than someone else. It's all in genetics too.

I have grown to over twice my size from the age of 16 to 21 years old now. I also grew from 5"8 to 6"1 tall because of certain exercises I did, but at one point you will hit a plateau, but you can overcome it, except for your height, if you do grow any taller. So it's all in your genetics.

I do a variety of weight training exercises and as I said, I add a lot of cardiovascular into it with combination exercises. I have a series of videos on my type of training, which can be good for you if you would like to do these exercises. I think I might record new ones and then place it on my website when it is up and it will be freely available to anyone who wants to use them. I can even personally help you work out a training regime if you aren't happy with what I give you as standard. You're also capable of making your own out of the different video examples I will give on their own.

For home training, you can use cans of beans if you just want to loose weight and gain a little muscle with certain cardiovascular exercises. Push ups will build your chest muscles and arm muscles depending on how you do the Push ups. Sit ups are good, but you can do 1000 a day and you will not get abs. Pull ups are brilliant and work your back and arms. You can also do bicycles and leg raises to work on your core while you are in a Pull up position. Depending on your country, weight lifting equipment may be cheap or may be expensive, you don't want to go in blindly and just buy all this equipment and never use it to its potential.

That is as much as I can give, but if you have any other more to the point questions about anything, send me a pm and I will gladly reply to you.

Rest, Eating and Workouts are what keep you healthy and fit. I would go with 70% eating 15% rest and 15% exercise in your daily routine. That doesn't mean eating a lot, but it means eating correctly is the most important factor here.
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