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FTP server time

How can I get the ftp server time mapping to my time zone?
My ftp client can adjust time zone to GMT+1,
but the server time seems not correct, because it still 12 minutes earlier.
First MDTM

MDTM is load Modification Time and normally serves the reading of the last modification of a file. This one calls in most FTP clients on the "FTP Commands" (or similar) and select there the entry QUOTE. Then a command prompt opens in running the command:

MDTM filename

is one. Then, the status window shows the output of the file with the appropriate modification date. To set the date for the command is invoked:


So for example "MDTM test.jpg 20050701". Problem is: The server must be approved the MDTM command and also support the setting of the date. Either I'm doing something fundamentally wrong here or my server does not support the command completely. The readout of the time works, setting did not appear. FTP clients that "Preserve File Date on upload" option to offer, just use that MDTM command. So, the server supports the command does not (completely), then does not include this option.

Second touch ()

The PHP function touch () fulfills all the requirements. You can not only with the last modified date of a file (filemtime), but also the last read access (fileatime) and write. Now I have found while browsing through the PHP scripts in the world a PHP File Manager, which also allows file manipulation using touch (). But the side of the program author is currently down. Now I'm trying to write a script in PHP, which I can kind of rudimentary manipulate the relevant data of a file. It might be here but still give the problem that the changes made by the touch () function is only possible if one copyright holder (in UNIX'schen sense) to change the file. When calling a PHP script but one is first of all a "no" or at least no "owner" of the files.

As far as the current stand I realize that there really are more important things than to change the file date on a Web server, but fascinating is that apparently no solutions exist to make this possible and I on the other hand do not realize also is why this file operation so difficult to handle is where you delete the files but otherwise arbitrary, and can rename, move.

Addendum: A workaround for the touch () function can be found here.

Also a good idea is actually the use of the variable fbdate. I would have to look at the sort function closer look, but when I use my example there fomat on 2005-07-05 change, would be the sort fine. I said yes in principle the modification order is not so bad find: uploden any image and bang it (without having to ruminate on the file name) the latest. Changing the date is only necessary in Aungenblick when I feed the older images with EXIF data and then upload.

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Sorry, tdossi.
I kinda lost in these replies, and could not catch up what you said.

I just want to synchronize the server time to my local timezone to make sure when did I update the files last time.
I'm using cuteftp pro 8, which has a auto detect function, but obviously it's not correct, and the manual adjustment can be set by hours only, so I can't adjust the clock exactly the same with my local time.
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