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Renting apartments in Bangkok lessons

This is a general topic, and im frustrated right now.

My previous landlord has been dodging me on my request to get the rest of my deposit back from when i rented his apartment here in Bangkok.

Its been over 6 month since i moved out, and iv been trying to get him to pay me back for a long long time, first time it did take me 4 month to get more then half back, and i had to go to the family police chief and have him send some troopers with me (since foreigners are very afraid of the police in thailand, due to the corruption and stuff like that).
Now its the principle of the matter left for me, and today the ***ker sends me an email telling me that "these things were broken, or not fixed.. jadda jadda, and there for deducted on the deposit".

O told the dude, thats its complete BS thats he is doing right now, and he should stop being silly like this.
Also told him that if he wants to play games, i can to, so now hes a customer of my "late charge interest rate schedule", still waiting for a response from him now, but i do know why he is doing this.

1. He spend my deposit when he got it (this he should not do, since its mine until i move out, and only damages and late bills are to be deducted).

2. He is pore right now, his business is not going to good, and he will do anything at this point not to have to pay.

Well, he might now know it, but im stubborn, and will get what is mine.
He can talk shit, but i will throw it back at him.

So here are some tips and tricks if you are moving to Bangkok and going to rent a apartment.

1. Pay the deposit like normal.
2. The last two month, dont pay the rent.
3. The day you move out, do a walkthru of the apartment with the owner, if there is nothing wrong or broken stuff, then you dont owe the owner anything and the owner dont need to pay you (since you skipped the last 2 month).
4. If there are any damages, then your money is not a hostage, and you can talk about what should be a good compensation to the owner, and they can over charge you by this time.

5. Also check/talk to the owner about bills that might come after you moved out, you can do a estimate on how much the electric bill will be and so on by looking at your past bills, and give the owner the money up front.

I think every apartment owner is that way no matter where you live - never get security deposit back. When I moved into my home, the utility company tried to get me to pay a security deposit. I told them only if they agreed to pay me interest on the money while they held it. They quickly decided no security deposit was necessary.
That's lucky Standready. I've never ever stayed anywhere without a security deposit, and usually with the minimum of one and a half month's rent.

I'm trying to remember whether I got the last one back. Have a feeling I forgot to ask it back, and that was a few years back. Shocked

Wonder how many people forget to ask?
The last time we visited Bangkok, we stayed at this apartment for a few days which was arranged by my friend. My friend who lived there in an apartment arranged one for us for a few days. We had to pay the rent daily and we were quite lucky that the landlord did not ask for any security deposit (probably because we were staying in for a short period). But I think I have to suggest your suggestion to my friend still living there and I am sure that he has paid a security deposit.
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