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Blog Comment Feature Disabled?

Just noticed that the comment feature in the blog posts isn't available in most of the posts. One or two are working, but most of them aren't.
It's a bug that somehow closes all blog posts and I haven't found it yet.
Guess I'll go check if I have to re-enable mine. Ah well.
I almost reported one of the blog posts last night, as the comment and report links are on top of one another. The report link is the only one in that spot now. Fortunately when one clicks on it, it's only a first step to reporting. But it did give me quite a surprise though.
Yeah, the blog owner has to manually enable replies on EACH blog post they wish to have commenting. Most people aren't going to notice that they're not enabled anymore, so we're going to have to be observant when we want to reply.
None of my blog posts have this problem.

You don't have Fasterfox installed, have you? It's just a thought that maybe Fasterfox and other software that prefetch links would try to load the Disable Replies link because it's just a normal link and not a button.
I don't use any such plugins, no.

This isn't the first time I've had to re-enable replies on all my blog posts. This is a Frih-side issue, not user-side... like Bondings said, it's a known bug, he just hasn't been able to find the cause yet. It happens every couple months.
Now I can't find a single blog post with comments enabled. Is it normal that all blog posts get disabled? I haven't noticed this problem on my own posts before but now they are affected too. Will someone restore the settings or will we have do that ourself?
@Peterssidan. As far as I can understand we have to enable them ourselves. I'll check my recent blog posts and see how they are doing.

Edit: You're right Peterssidan, all of mine were disabled as well. I've enabled the ones I've made over the last month. I'll see how I go with those for now.
I also went through all of my posts again this morning, reenabling reply options.
All my blog posts still seem to have replies enabled. I assume the reason is that I have not made any new blog posts while the bug has been crawling actively through the site.
You have; it's been going on for quite some time. I've only been using the blogs for a bit over a year and have had to reset my commenting several times. Your last post was made after I'd reset a couple times.
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