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What is most important act for best relationship?

I want to know what is the most important act for best relationship? Please give your feedback that what do u think for it.

What else?
Truth and Trust should be in any relationship because love me to know any thing each other and always try to undrstand each other.Smile
What is out of Your view
the difference between


Is it the same?

hi you will have to say the TRUTH
fell and earn the TRUST
SHARE and acept others fellings
LISTEN to the other person
be prepared to GROW and UNDERSTAND
Communication. Making sure you are honest and open about everything with your SO.
I am starting with Listening because very few people listen effectively. Pick a day this week and spend time in all of your conversations making yourself consciously aware of what the other people are trying to say to you. Listen to the details. Ask questions of the other person to clarify their message and it will send a clear signal that your ears are open and you care about what they have to say. Most of the time we spend the conversation trying to figure out what we will say next. It is a well known fact that people normally are more concerned with their own response than what is being said to them.
Seek to understand their perspective.

Most of us find out eventually that the world is not our reality. It is a combination of all of our realities. Every person has a different perspective based on their back round, beliefs, values, information, and opinion. We can avoid practically any argument in life by seeking to understand the other person.
Make an effort to remember things that are important to them.

There is nothing worse than talking to your girl for months about yourself and then realizing they don't even know there names, ages ,or remember the stories because they didn't make an effort to remember. When we put effort into remembering important information such as names, dates, favorite things, it tells the other person we care about them, we care about their opinions and they can trust us to be engaged in conversation with them. Most sales people understand this concept and work hard at remembering names to impress their clients. A great relationship is one that has involves you and another equally sharing thoughts, hopes, opinions, information, etc. If you invest the time and effort you will reap great value out of a relationship and will find out you have more in common with the world than you think. You will also find out interesting and unique talents and abilities or experiences that the other person might have or have had in the past.
zaxacongrejo wrote:
hi you will have to say the TRUTH
fell and earn the TRUST
SHARE anf acepts others fellings
LISTEN to the other person
be prepared to GROW and UNDERSTAND

How do You earn trust?
Is this a business.
Or I am asking in a different way?
Do You sell trust or do You buy trust.

My experience is, You only can sell trust.
sell trust ?
we arent talking about low quality periferals
but about people, lol how do you sell trust to a person? in this topic not
in sales manager topic
"sell" was a description of
andbuy is a description of accept.

So I said
sell in the meaning of give something
and buy in the meaning of accept something.

I did not want to say, love has something to do with money.


Thank Yo for Your answer.
I think it is being thoughtful. Smile
What is the conclusion for have a happy relationship?

This does mean relax and a lot of sex.
Just be truthful and honest !
True and honest

Good morning.
Because this is a forum, why do we not talk about this.

Is reality
husband and wife
darling and wife are always true
or is reality
darling and darling telling each other fantasy story.

I forgot the joke
it is something like
most fairy tales boy and girl tell each other during the first date.

So my question:
Why darling and darling are not charming and true every day?
Or is this wrong?

trust for sure. and the most important is that u follow your own things and goals. when u have a foundation in your life than a really good relation will be the perfect asset. and your life will not brake if the releationship ends. and u will see, focusing on other aspects in ypour life as well makes u more grounded and centered. and if u happy with yourself, than a releationship can be the extra candy to have a good time.

so dont focus only on the releationship, think about your goals, ideas, career, sport, friends and family. or everything that u value high in your life
This sounds like a job. Does Your darling enjoy this?
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