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Tips & Techniques required for best oral presentations.

Hi, I have my oral presentation which is nature by nature. However i am puzzled about how i can have best oral presentation?
I also feels like so before my each and every presentation.
Be confident and use your language skills to deliver the presentation smoothly. Beforehand practice against the mirror or recording your practice presentation and watching it yourself to find out your probable mistakes help.

Do not forget about hand gestures and movement during the presentation because you do not want to stand in an "Attention" position while giving your presentation. If you get stuck, do not worry, and take a deep breath.

Best of luck.
- try not to make a long "mmmmmm..." while thinking
- try to show "open" body language
- prepare your intermezzo or ice breaker and keep it relevant
My suggestion is to keep practicing it beforehand. Even when you think you have it down, keep practicing some more. There's a lot to be said about being prepared for a presentation. After you've gone through it so many times on your own, it'll come naturally that you won't even have to worry about being nervous or anything, you'll just end up going through the motions. It'll make you more relaxed because you're not constantly thinking of things to say, but you'll have memorized everything you want to say so that you'll do it by second nature.

Other than that, make sure to dress confidently and for your appropriate audience. Make eye contact with everyone, and use movement to keep your presentation more exciting.
I'm a bad at giving presentation~ But as the saying goes, practice makes perfect! That's what I've been trying to do~ I suppose I'm more or less improved. Very Happy
How about having a mock presentation before getting real?
Practice, practice, and practice.
You'll gain much confidence, which is the biggest factor contributing to a good presentation.
Don't be afraid of mistakes and the eyes on you.
Speak slowly, try to make yourself understood.
Well, in my opinion, you would have a good presentation if the topic is really something to your taste.
Talib wrote:
Hi, I have my oral presentation which is nature by nature. However i am puzzled about how i can have best oral presentation?
Be passionate about your subject. Study who the audience is going to be and try and connect yourself to them. Start off by presenting things in a simple way so every one can understand what the subject is about. Then build it up to more complex and detailed, adding corroboration of details showing the depth and experience of your expertise. Then have a good summary of everything in simple language at the end of it.

Keep power presentations clean and simple, with not more than five sentences per slide, preferably less. Have the slides proofread by someone else, so as to catch any typos ahead of time. Incorporate video files or other illustrations that are interesting and would grab the attention.

Make sure the podium is to the left of the screen (if you are facing the audience it would be the right), instead of the center. Visit it ahead of the presentation so you can get the right feel for it. Adjust it if necessary, and try out the equipment.
Apparently people liked my presentations for the one course I took in college. I did my best to make it interesting by including a lot of pictures and I didn't throw a lot of text up on the slides. I tried my best to modulate my voice so I didn't sound like a boring, talking head. I even involved my classmates in the presentation by helping me prove a few points about my topic or just aiding in general demonstrations. I asked them questions and made them think about what it was I was trying to talk about. And I may have thrown in a few jokes here and there to take some of the pressure off of myself and them.
Thank you busaboss for some suggestion, i'll try those sites. Thank you again.
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