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Injury during surgury

2 days ago I had a 1 hour surgery to remove a kidney stone (with a laser) in a hospital. During the surgury I was unconscious under anesthesia. When I woke up in the recovery room I noticed a soreness pain under my tongue. My finger wasn't bloody when I touched it. When I told a nurse about it they looked in and all they said it was red and swollen because I had tubes down my throat.

Last night it was still hurting and I had a flashlight on me so I looked. What I saw looked like the frenulum was cut into.
The tear looks white with redness to the sides

The wikipedia page says:
These can easily be torn by violent blows to the face or mouth, thus a torn frenulum is sometimes a warning sign of physical abuse.

I signed at least one piece of paperwork mentioning all the ways I could expect them to carelessly injure me.

From what I can gather it should heal. Is that Right?
What do you think really happened?
Well, firstly we don't like giving out medical advice for the very good reason that this is an anonymous forum and there is no way for you to validate such advice.

You probably had a laryngeal mask airway (LMA) device during the op and that will be the culprit. Macroscopic damage is rare I believe, but not THAT rare. The damage would be caused by a mistake by the anaesthetist - he/she will have fitted it incorrectly at the start of the op....
A Colleague writes thusly about it:
I would be fairly sure that this results from accidental placement of the LMA cuff between the tongue and base of the mouth, rather than the tongue and the roof of the mouth. Presumably the tongue was pushed back during insertion before slipping forward, allowing correct positioning.

It is something he has seen a few times but it is NOT simply an unavoidable result of the op - it IS a medical mistake and should not really happen if the anaesthetist is vigilant and skilful (those are roughly the words of John - my source on this - and he is an anaesthetist, so he should know).

As for prognosis - it should heal no problem within a couple of weeks. If it doesn't, or you get significant swelling or puss discharge, then you will need antibiotics and further attention, but this is unlikely I believe.
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