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XBOX 360 or PS3

I really do wanna find out which one everybody is going to go for

Xbox 360 comes out on the 22 nov (USA) 2nd dec (europe) 10th dec (japan)

PS3 comes out 2ndQ of 2006, not confirmed tho

now if you have no idea which to choose

Xbox 360 and ps3 are basically exactly the same

360 has 3 symetrical cores running at 3.2ghz and the ps3 has a cell processor which runs at 3.2 ghz, xobx 360 wins this one because its can 2 6 different thing at the same time (3 X 2 jobs per cores) while the powerful cell can only do 3.

now grpahics ways i still have no idea, basically if you dont have an hdtv the graphics wont be as much different from on a normal xbox but the number of enemies is dramatically increases to thousands and thousands of enemies instead of 50 like on this gen consoles.

Ps3 have not released any game footage yet so noone has neidea if ps3 is going to be good but xbox 360 is steaming ahead and looks on top form.

1 weird thing is tho that the ps3 when showed off at e3 for the first time had no air holes for ventilation. Confused i mean come on, thats one hefty peice of hardware which is gonna be heating up like a tea pot but iuf you dont ahve ventilation is either gonna melt itself or blow up. so thats rather weird.

ps3 has 7 wireless controllers xobx 4
ps3 has 6?? usb ports xbox has 3
ps3 has blu-ray 360 has hd-dvd probs but dvd for games atm
ps3 has bulti in bluetooth and hi-fi, xbox has ir, wireless and buyable hi-fi adaptor
ps3 estimated to cost £400
360 costs £280

remember ps3 usually promises stuff that it doesnt deliver on so i wouldnt get ur hopes up so much atm.


and yes i do prefer the xbox to ps3 Very Happy
I hear you all the way, I'm getting the Xbox360 when it comes out (as a big Xbox fan, I ought to).

Now as for the PS3, nobody has seen footage of games yet, because Sony is still working on their system and games, I doubt that even a PS3 SDK (Software Development Kit) system has been made. Without the SDK system, developers cannot develop games for it. Though I'm sure that they will have a SDK system to their developers soon.
I suppose currently the release functional data of xbox 360 is better than ps3. In addition, xbox 360 can function as a media center, not a media center frontend client only. I suppose it would be a great gaming console that doubles as a media center.
Well before you guys decide on what console i suggest you look at this website hinting other uses for the ps3s shape
i wont be gettin either!

stick with psp for now!

im gettin sick of the disappointments of wen consoles are released with there hyped up but "unconfirmed" statistics and then u get it home and its crap, or u realised u gotta by more bits to get it to do wat u want!

im just wainting for ps5 or so... wen there'll be no games released in the shops as they'll all be sold online and downloaded to ur console!

be very very very interesting to see how they'll be battling piracy as psp games are widely available on the net!
360 all the way. xbox was better than all the other systems at its time, and with the next gen systems supporting backwards compatability, its going to take a lot, and i mean a lot, to convince me to shell out a couple hundred dollars to buy a completely different system. I think i have somewhere close to 50 games for xbox, and even though i've heard that 360 wont play all the old games xbox live is another good reason to stick with xbox. plus i want halo 3. Wink
xbox 360 : 1
ps3 : 0.
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