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Just one question. Is it possible to uninstall/delete and install/replace the explorer.exe in win xp sp3 without the CD?
Anything is possible. Why do you feel the need to do this though?
dspblack wrote:
Just one question. Is it possible to uninstall/delete and install/replace the explorer.exe in win xp sp3 without the CD?

It is not possible via CD.
But able to do it via Linux Live cd.
Get a working explorer.exe and replace it via Linux Live CD.
Try latest Ubuntu Live cd.
It will show you All Hard Drive.
Find out the windows drive and replace it with original one.
I think you cannot while Windows is running. It is one of the protected files of Windows.

However, you can do it by setting your HDD as slave on another computer and copying a working copy of the file (follow the directory structure of course.

You can also follow the suggestion of cybersa.
if your explorer.exe is infected you can use a powerful antivirus and try to repair it , if it didn't work then you can repair your windows using win xp cd , just insert it in your optical drive and when it gives you some options for installation choose repair it will replace those files including explorer.exe with original ones.
I would suggest extracting the explorer.exe file from your windows cd to make sure your explorer.exe on the PC isn't bad.

this 1 is good to to build customized os.
explorer.exe its the process that gives you task bar, start menu ,my computer needs to be always present
I would suggest trying System Restore, first. Choose a restore point from before all your problems began. This will roll everything back to what it was on that day, changing the settings, removing new software, replacing missing system files, etc. to match the state your computer was when the restore point was made.

This doesn't always work to fix everything, though.

A repair install of Windows replaces all the system files, including explorer.exe.

If something is wrong with the file itself, this is the best way to replace it and any other files that could be corrupted, if System Restore fails.

If you have a restore partition instead of an install disk, things can be a bit tricky. Can't reinstall without wiping out all your personal files, settings, installed software, etc.

To avoid the data loss associated with using a restore partition, best to borrow a copy of someone else's retail (not OEM!) XP disk to do the repair reinstall and use your own license key with it. If you do not know your key, there are utilities that can extract it from the Registry and tell you what it is. Do this before you reinstall.

If you are still having a problem with your computer after this, perhaps there is nothing wrong with your system files, and it is a bad setting, instead. If you can't fix it any other way, it might be time to make a backup of all your personal files and reinstall everything from scratch. That's what that restore partition is good for.
system restore or correct will only make you lose more time ,it can fix now but they will return tomorrow, reinstall windows
did you solve your problems?
explorer.exe its the process that gives you task bar, start menu ,my computer needs to be always present

... not entirely true.

Windows will survive without explorer.exe, since you can kill it from task manager.
For a short while you will see just your desktop background without anything else, then Windows automatically will restart explorer.exe.

I used to do this when having some graphics problems under Windows Vista or Windows XP ... like some popup menu items not disappearing from desktop. Re-starting explorer.exe cleaned it up.

Regards ... Axel
FYI to all - Your computer can operate without explorer.exe (be it deleted modified or whatever). This

falls in to OS modification. Here is a good start on replacing explorer.exe

You can totally disable explorer.exe - basically it handles your taskbar, taskbar displays(date and time), windows notification, navigating to windows etc...

If you want your windows to operate without explorer.exe

1. open Regedit

2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

look for the name "Shell" and it will have a string value of "explorer.exe". You can either delete the entry explorer.exe (hence disabling it to load in windows) or replace with an alternative shell for example "c:\cubicexplorer\cubicexplorer.exe" (cubicexplorer.exe is an alternative )

There are many automated windows explorer alternative that only requires you to run the installer and instantly replace explorer.exe. Choosing an alternative to explorer.exe is a matter of personal preferences (the look and feel) and of course the performance varies. Some alternative requires payment but most are free.

Name Cost Trial? Rating (x/5)
A43 free n/a ***½
Ac Browser Plus $21.00 yes **
CubicExplorer free n/a ***
Directory Opus AUD $85.00 yes (30 days) ****
ExplorerXP free n/a ***
Far Manager $25.00 yes (40 days) ***½
FileMatrix 24.00 yes ***
freeCommander free n/a ***½
PowerDesk Pro/Standard $39.95/free n/a **¾
Servant Salamander (2.5) $30 yes (30 days) ****
SpeedCommander 37.95 yes (60 days) ***
Total Commander $34 yes (30 days) ****
XPlorer free n/a ***½
xplorer² 19.95 yes (21 days) ***
XYplorer 29.95 yes (21 days) ****


here is a youtube video for your research


I myself uses cubicexplorer + rocketdock (rocket dock is another thing - go check it out)
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