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Felix Baumgartner and his epic jump


What do you think about Felix breaking Joseph Kittinger's record?
I think that it's absolutely amazing - the fact that a person can actually go above the speed of sound, wearing a spacesuit, but still...
Of course Kittinger's jump is, in my opinion, more impressive due to the fact that they didn't have the advanced technology which we enjoy today, yet Felix's jump is definitely spectacular and will be remembered for ages.
This was live on youtube,youtube went down temporarily not long after,I think the amount of people tuning in to watch crashed their servers.
I watched it live because the people that I was with wanted to watch it live. I personally did not want to see it live because if something had gone wrong and he got seriously injured or died I would not want to see it. I would only want to see it after reading the papers and found out that he made a successful jump and so I can watch knowing that I am not going to see anything that I would not want to see.
Looks as though he was wearing protective clothing, huge amount of it, however wonder what that does to a body with equalizing the ear drums as well.
If I read the news correctly he had some serious problems turing around his own axis and risking to faint.
Contrary to these folks who just made fun of him:
deanhills wrote:
Looks as though he was wearing protective clothing,

Dean was in a purpose made pressurized space suit. NASA is even interested in his stuff.
Helios, Congrats to Felix! Impressed with the technology behind his jump but ,like you, I am more impressed with Kittinger's jump.
It was just GREAT, I saw every minute of te ascend (except when youtube crashed a few times) and this JUMP Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked wow wow wowwwwwwwwwwwww

It's a fantastic story, in a time when all there seems to be in the news is bad can still push boundaries back, and people like Baumgartner should be congratulated, and thanked, for doing this.
I watched it on BCC's site but I turned off when they started to show what I think was his family.

I'm not that excited about it because I don't understand what he has actually accomplished. It has more to do with money and technology than anything else.
Aaaahh you're right it was commercial, but I bought it ( Very Happy )

I watched for a total of 2 hours, I found it GREAT to watch Felix Baumgartner going up.. and then jump off his balloon at 40km height Shocked

because I don't understand what he has actually accomplished

He got two world records, actually: highest jump and the fastest moving without help of an engine (supersonic !)

Especially the "supersonic" part impressed me because no one could tell in advance wether his body could stand the pressure and turbulence

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