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Commentated Video With A Friend

So I was doing a review of Dishonored and did commentary with my friend Havoc (Not his real name) and I wanna know what yall think should I do another video with him or not. The picture and sound is not the best due to uploading issues with youtube I apologize for that.

Criticism is always welcomed and won't take it offensively besides you guys have helped me a lot in the past few months and really appreciate it.
OK so I do watch LPs quite often and I would not sub to this channel. It's not so bad your going to get retsupurae'd but it's not great either.

First critisism is you and your friends mic levels are pretty off one another also I would almost say game background needs to be lower. You possibly need to make an effort of speaking more clearly as well just keep reminding yourself that you are speaking to an audience. Imagine you are on stage or something. I run a radio station and I have similar problems all the time, you have to speak clearly and project your voice on almost any type of microphone.

If it wasn't for that I probably would watch it. I can't coment on your content because I didn't watch too much for it but as you can tell I am super tweaky when it comes to sound mixing.
Thanks for ur input see me and my friend where using the same mic need to get a new one I am Actully using a rock band mic but for me just starting u use what you have and work for better things. But what I don't understand is even with using the same mic I made sure we where herd clearly and before upload we where after upload picture is not that good audio can't be herd and I uploaded it 4 times.
Whack the game audio down by like 3-5db and reupload.
It's really nice my friend. I like it. You're on your way to Hollywood!v Cool
I decided to give this commentary a chance and I'm not impressed in the least. The game sounds covered your commentary for the entire duration of the video.
That's if u guys don't like it that is ok to me I am however gonna take what u guys say and apply it to my next video if I do get another chance to do another one with my friend
guapo guapo
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