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Religion Essence

I was wondering for some time, is there any religion that gets out of the main matrice?
I mean, every religion is based on the same basic idea "Be good!" and it should be like that.
I, personally, think that the religion itself doesn't matter as long as you can walk with your head held up high and as long as you can watch everyone in the eye and say that you don't regret anything , for me that's the definition of a good man.
Well, there are a few exceptions to that 'be good' thing...
But the main difference is that they often define 'good' very differently.
I agree with Ocalhoun. Everyone thinks they have the monopoly on "Good". The naturalistic fallacy of "Good" can have many connotations. It can refer to wealth or proficiency within a certain area. This doesn't necessarily imply a moral "Good". I think all major religions use the term "Good" as an 'aim' rather than just a mere avoidance of "bad", which would better fit the perhaps more secular orientated (moral ducking) view, of "keeping one's head down". While the latter does produce a law abiding citizen, it rarely produces a revolutionary one. I can't think of any positive change in culture, ethics or law that arose from somebody just not 'throwing any spanners in works'. Also it can get so "good" (when morality is considered as background noise) that it gets "Uber" (Super), and we have short, square moustached Austrians trying to eradicate the 'weakest links'. So while he may have been without regret, firm and proud in his doings, I personally wouldn't give him house-room.

As for those who merely sit back and 'keep out of it', I think Dante is often incorrectly quoted as saying, "The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis." - This is the difference between between Good (Capital G) and good (who'd let you perish rather than upset the herd).

Vocation, intention and inclination is about striving to be better than you are, rather than attempting to maintain something which you arguably haven't achieved yet. Some say, "Born sick". I say, "Born capable". Potato/potayta. Adequate isn't Good, though. And The BEST is negative/minus good.
"I mean, every religion is based on the same basic idea "Be good!" and it should be like that"

this is wrong.
This sentence is said by every government.
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