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What limits max memory in a laptop?

Anyone knows what limits the max memory capacity on a laptop? I know at least it is limited by processor capability but I don't know if there is any other limit.

I'm looking a laptop that has a processor that is capable of handling 16GB. The laptop comes with 2 memory slots. It comes with 4GB memory module in one slot and the other slot empty.

I have asked the shop about the memory limit of the computer because was not clear in the specification and they say it is 6GB. I insisted if that was an error and he was meaning 16GB but not he confirmed it is 6GB. So... what other things limit max memory capacity on a laptop?

The laptop has a processor Intel i3-2350M and chipset HM65Express.

For me this reported 6GB for this laptop with 2 memory slots that has a processor that can handle 16GB and that it is obvious that supports 4GB in one slot makes not sense at all but as I don't know which other things can limit that value I'm asking here.

Anyone knows?
It depends on the operating system.

Microsoft is at its maximum 32-bit operating systems to address 4GB of RAM, although theoretically be possible.
With Windows 7, I think wirds be no different.
tdossi wrote:
It depends on the operating system.

Microsoft is at its maximum 32-bit operating systems to address 4GB of RAM, although theoretically be possible.
With Windows 7, I think wirds be no different.

In fact the maximum memory for WIN XP is about 3.3G, and the rest can't be allocated by Windows.
Some people will use that part of unallocated memory as ramdisk.
Windows has had a 64bit version for quite some time that can handle more than 4GB of memory.

The ram is mostly limited by the architecture of the motherboard/processor. Of course the RAM that is suited for your motherboard also need to exist in the required amounts (and not be extremely expensive, I guess). The maximum could very well be 2 RAM modules of 3GB, although 2x8GB seems more likely for a new laptop.

Also, I don't think that it is possible (or at least it can be very hard) to install/replace memory in some laptops - especially the thinner ones.
The max memory limit is indeed hardware related and has nothing to do with OS in this case as works with 64 bits OS indeed. Besides the hardware manufacturer doesn't take OS into account to show max memory capacity.

I have finally manage to find the specs from the official website and that confirms unless an error on their specs that the memory limit is strangely 6GB.

It makes no much sense that 6GB memory limit in a computer which processor can handle upto 16GB, chipset not sure which is its limit but at least can handle 8GB for sure (it is used on other notebooks that support 8GB no problem) and slots support 4GB no doubt because it comes with one slot with 4GB module.

The slots are accesible in this case so no problem to upgrade memory. (well I'm not sure if I'm using the correct word, laptop. It is a notebook so if laptop is not a synonim them I'm using wrong word).

I have made this question in superuser and I got really fantastic answers. First they found the official website specs for me and now even there is a person investigating the possibility on that being an error on specs because on service guide shows it allows upto 8GB, though it doesn't show the 4096MB x 2 memory configuration (so indeed somewhere there is an error, hope it is a mistake and it supports 8GB). Would be great news if it accepts 8GB to have a possibility to upgrade to that amount in future by adding other 4GB memory module.

Still I don't know what exactly puts that max memory limit on the notebook and why it can't handle 16GB for example but maybe that is the chipset limit, I haven't investigated on that. What I'm sure is processor can handle 16GB.
It depends on Operating System.

PC manufacturers usually say that their laptops will support 4GB memory modules, so if the laptop has two memory slots, then the maximum supported memory will be 8GB. However, laptops with quad-core instead of dual-core processors sometimes have four memory slots, which will definitely allow you to expand the memory to 16GB. This is the safest option.
PlasticCard9 wrote:
It depends on Operating System.

The max memory limit of a notebook hasn't anything to do with the Operating System. It is a hardware related limit.

When a notebook manufacturer says his notebook has a limit is because of hardware and they don't take into account which Operating System you are going to use.
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