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Confusing Domain Usage Types

Although I've started my own website and knows the basic knowledge of how to connect a domain to web space,there are still something confusing to me.
Typically, there are three domain usage types:
1.Forwarding 2.DNS management 3.Nameserver(custom DNS)
Type 1 is easy to understand.
I am currently using Type 3, all I have to do is write down the nameservers of Frihost(,
The question is, what is the difference between Type 2 and Type 3?
As far as I see, Type 2 is so complex that it has to configure A,CNAME,MX,SOA,NS......really confusing. Mad
And another question, Will pointing both A and MX record to the IP of my web space get the same results as Type 3?
it's easier to answer this if you just let us know what you want to do or try to specify the problem you encounter if you do something, and what is it that you did.
I believe these are the names the registrar uses, not strictly technical terms. Their "custom DNS" option means that you do not use the registrar's nameservers, but specify some other nameservers. If you choose outside nameservers (Frihost's, for example) then your registrar account cannot specify any more information about the domain. It look simple from the registrar account's point of view, but that's because any other options must be specified at Frihost, or wherever. For the "managed DNS", you must specify all details yourself, and it is quite confusing if you aren't familiar with how all the record types are used.

If you use custom DNS and point to Frihost servers, your Frihost settings will provide the DNS records you need for email, web hosting, etc. and it is simple by default. There are some options at Frihost, but if you used the registrar's nameservers or rented other nameservers with unrestricted settings, there would be still more options.

I believe you _must_ point to the Frihost nameservers for your site to work correctly here, but I'm not sure of all the details.
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