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Where are you taking us to eat?

Ok if you had a lot of money, where would you take all Frihosters to Dinner?
Of course the air-flight bill would dwarf the cost of the food.

I know this restaurant that could seat about 400 by a nice stretch of water in the South East of England. It's quite beautiful especially on a warm Summer evening and the kiddies can play on the swings and slides.

The adults can sit on the side of the water after the meal

Where is your favorite place to eat?

I got a lot of history with this location which is another reason I love it,,,,

Where is your favorite place to invite us all to eat?
Well I am weird because I cannot stand "fine dining" even if price was not a factor. I'm sorry, but there is absolutely nothing appealing about the following (and there's meat there and I don't eat meat):

Nothing beats a nice pizza and beer:

There's this place next to where I live where they brew craft beer on site and it's decent. They have a decent IPA and so we can get some pitchers of beer, a few good pizzas, drink a ton of beer, get wasted, and then blow up their karaoke stage with stuff that we think sounds good only because we've had way too much to drink! That sounds 10000000 times more fun than having to put on a tie and sitting in some fancy restaurant where the waiter is bugging you every thirty seconds to see if there's anything else that you need.
I think the picture of the pizza has the same effect on me as the meat has on you Matrix. I'm not a big eater of meat but if I had to choose between the two, the meat dish would be my preference with veggies and the glass of red wine. I usually go for fish though. The restaurants I've been to with fine dining can be damn romantic, I like savouring the food slowly with lots of wine and really good company. Not all of the fine dining restaurants require a tie. Easy to get wasted on wine and great atmosphere as well. In my experience I can't recall having been bugged by waiters. Doesn't sound like something they'd do in a fine dining restaurant. If they did however probably easy to take care off.
my favorite place to eat is at my grandmother's Very Happy nothing beats the coocking of my nonna. Very Happy
as for restaurants, I enjoy a good meal, as long as the price is not ridiculous.
there is only 1 thing that I realy don't like to eat because it doesn't taste good for me and that is Witloof, Belgian endive. yucky.
and then there is also oysters and Foie gras which I don't eat for other reasons
hm, tricky question. I would like to treat you all with and go to the old motel nearby and male them do some cheese and ham schnitzels with special baked potatos (kind of a mix between strips and baked potatoes). The motel is closed for years but anyhow.

Also the Hummelsta special would do, the Hummelsta diner had a special that was famous. It was 2 small burgers, 4 bread slices between each other on the plate, upon that 2 small burgers and ham and fried 2 eggs over that - so fat it would kill you instantly... But it was tasty like heaven! I don't know why but the greease had a special flavor, must have been all the food fried over the years...
Come on guys, make us eat your local traditional food. Pizza is freaking everywhere. Fine dining is a MUST !
TonyPaige wrote:
I like Pizza Hutt. Its so spicy

I don't call pizza hut spicy at all, unless maybe you get a good amount of jalepenos on it. I personally like eating at a tacos bell or a Mexican restaurant.
darthrevan wrote:
TonyPaige wrote:
I like Pizza Hutt. Its so spicy

I don't call pizza hut spicy at all, unless maybe you get a good amount of jalepenos on it. I personally like eating at a tacos bell or a Mexican restaurant.
I can't stand the smell of Pizza Hut. I think it must be those salad bars of them that are standing open all day, so you get in and you smell the smell. Ditto Kentucky Fried Chicken when I pass it and smell the rancid oil. On the rare occasion when I have Pizza, it has to be super special. Very thin stone baked crust with lots of interesting toppings. Real special tomato sauce with a variety of tastes in it.
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