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Your opinion on two laptop configurations

Probably both are very similar but which one you think is better or for what task you think would be better one over the other?

HP Pavilion g6-1306ss B0R97EA
Intel® Core™ i3-2350M 2,3 GHz, 3 MB de caché L3
Chipset: Intel HM65 Express
RAM: 4GB (should be possible to handle 16GB though I couldn't get this data)
HD: 500GB
Graphics: Intel HD (upto 1,92GB)

Acer TravelMate TM5744-384G75Mnkk
Intel® Core™ i3-380M 2,53 GHz, 3 MB de caché L3
Chipset: Intel HM55 Express
RAM: 4GB (can handle 8G)
HD: 750GB
Graphics: Intel HD

All the rest of features are just the same.

If someone wants to look at it, here is a comparison of the two processors:
I'm not expert, but looking at the comparison they look pretty close, with HP having some marginal advantages over Acer. I'm just wondering about i3 Intel though, I'd have thought at least i5 and ideally i7? Or does i3 have more value relative to your budget?
Yes i5, i7 goes beyond what I want to invest in a laptop just now. I was looking even cheaper alternatives than i3 but finally I decided that was better to invest a little more and go at least with an i3.

My major doubt on those two laptops is about the processors. Which is the 2350M benefit over 380M? I have seen the comparison but I don't know exactly what the differences mean. The 3D support of 2350...

Though I have to confirm by asking the shop the HP memory capacity should be 16GB so it accepts more memory than Acer. I will have to ask too if a can buy 8GB RAM in future and use 8GB in one slot with the 4GB in the other slot for a total of 12GB.

So mostly my doubt is if the difference on processor/chipset, HDMI availability and higher memory capacity is better than 250GB greater HD. What would you choose?
Much like the HP and Acer you asked about previously, there's virtually no difference in terms of actual usage between these.
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