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Was India's ouster from the World T20 just a mishap ???

India played great cricket throughout the tournament we will have to agree barring the one odd game against australia, but yet teh whole team is now headed back to the country, it was dissapointing for all of us but do you think it was a midhap as far as the turnaround of events are concerned, the team was going pretty smooth and were definitely looking as one of the best sides in the tournament. Kohli was in great touch, Yuvraj was just about starting to middle the ball and the bowling had just about settled down and then suddenly Pakistan defeats Australia and that too byu a huge margin MSD losses the toos and has to bat first where chasing a target would have been better and things go out of India's control. Was all this just amishap on the part of the Indians, do you think any of this was not supposed to happen the way it jsut did. Especially seeing teh humiliation the Lankans handed over to the pakistanis in the semifinal. How is it possible for a team to show such contrast gmaes in three different nights (counting the India Pakistan encounter here as well). So is the ICC blind can't they see something obviously fishy here??
Something was seriously wrong there. Australia's performance was also very different. They defeated India quite easily, and then succumbed to a dramatic loss against the Pakistanis, who had been badly crushed by The Indians. This complete reversal has blown everyone off, and something just doesn't click there.

But I'll have to say, The West Indies deserved the trophy. Smile
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