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Why so many people love body piercing?

Just search "body piercing" at Youtube, and you will find a lot of videos, and surprisingly, there is a 5-year-old girl who gets a ear piercing...5-year-old!5-year-old!Why did you do this?To be cool?you are only 5 years old!
So many people are piercing nearly every parts of their body-ear,nose,lips,tongue,hip,navel,anus,and genital...
I know it's a tradition in some countries..but many view this as a fashion...
Well, OK, I am just wondering whether you feel comfortable after doing so...
From a health standpoint, there seems to be a lot of hidden dangers, such as infection....(and you are at a disadvantage when physically fight with others who has no piercing, for that you are down once they touch your piercings)
And from a fashion standpoint, body piercing isn't cool because so many people are doing this...
Eh sometimes it is just to fit in. On the 5 year old part, I have a daughter that I haven't got her ears pierced, mainly because I want her to decide and also be responsible about. I have one of my ears pierced but I would have to poke a ear ring back through since it has been a long time without earrings in.
Why do I find this funny? Oh, it's because I didn't got the chance to decide if I wanted to have my ears pierced or not. I was a newborn when I got my first earrings and to be fair I couldn't care less about it. I know that in some countries people don't have this habit, but here is pretty common to pierce both ears when we're still babies (that's for the girls, the same doesn't happen to boys). I think it's mainly because we're really vain and we start to wear cute earrings even before we start speaking.

Also I don't think that I would want to have my ears pierced as a grown up. I'm such a coward. I did manage do get a second piercing in both ears and a third piercing in the upper part of my left ear, but I gave up using earrings and everything is closed now (I still keep my original piercings, the baby ones). Since I'm allergic to silver (!), gold (!!!) and almost every metal, I don't see how having more room for allergic reactions would improve my life. Razz

As for piercings in other body parts, not happening. Disgusting is the word.
Yeah I don't do body piercings, the only body piercing that I would come closer to do is eye brow or possibly lip. Though lip is not as likely
sorry to share but i hate body piercing not look good.
i think when someone does something other peoples think they have to do that thing too! i may be wrong but i think ear piercings can make someone look more beautiful but other piercings i don't think so. by the way number of piercings is going up these days and soon you will see some people with no where not pierced in their body Very Happy
I wouldn't ever get piercings because I tend to take everything to extremes. If I got a normal earring in my ear, by next week I'd have plugs. I tend to only do things to the fullest because if you aren't going to do things right, then why do them at all? On another note, I think it's disgusting when women get their nose pierced. Other than that, I think that piercings are hot on women. I like piercings in their ears, belly-buttons, and lips the best.
I like the feeling of being pierced. I don't have piercings to fit in, I'm a girly girl and a dancer and I've never needed piercings to be those. I don't need to fit in or stand out. I like the feeling of the piercing and the look of it.

Ancient cultures have modified bodies from the beginning of time. Whether from religious purporses, or cultural. It's nothing new and just like long ago it's part of our culture now.

Piercings are fun and I agree with what is said above, we don't chose our bodies so modding them as we see fit is nothing wrong.

I was criticized for years because I was never tall enough to be the dancer I wished I could someday be. I enjoy dance and I enjoy getting piercings just as much but no one can tell me my body isn't perfect enough to be pierced. Piercings are a part of who I am, not what I'm trying to be.
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