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Thinking of Traveling

Well I was thinking of traveling to the Scandinavian countries since that where my ancestors originated from. I mainly want to visit Oslo, Norway where a huge portion of my family is located. Has anyone ever traveled to this location? If you have what places should I visit in the area?
I haven't been there, but all the people that I know that went there only have very good things to say about it, mainly that people are very friendly, yet well mannered and that the whole place is beautiful.

If you do indeed go there, why not take some pictures for us? Smile

Do you know the language? Do you have any family there?

The first one would be helpful I guess, but having family would be awesome as you'd be able to see their life on the inside and it probably be a most interesting experience.
Make sure to save your money before you leave - Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world. I've also heard that it is beautiful. I would love to go there for all of the scenery and do some hiking. They also have large cultural exports - Norwegian Black Metal to name just one.
A thinking of traveling is very beautiful. I have seen many people who always and any time like to visit different different places. According to me, everyone should keep this interest go different different places.
Travelling is a fascinating way to discover and know the world. It is always good to travel for fun and be able to see things that you have never seen before. Travel provides a person with the best possible learning experience.
Yes, I am thinking about traveling during this holiday and holiday is the best way to get refreshment during this busy life. Also, we can spend time with family. We get information about different places, culture, language, lifestyle also visits different type of best places with hotel, best destination and many more.
Yes Im thinking of travelling to florida.
If you are thinking to travel then Montgomery In USA in Alabama state is perfect for you. The city offers ideal weather for tourists . Along with this, city is occupied by various spots where different events are there which makes the trip very enjoyable.
I have been in Norway in 2004 for a two week hiking trip with the Alpinschule Innsbruck. It has been an incredible trip. I have some old photos here on my flickr account, scanned in from real slides, thus quality is not that good.

We started in Oslo, then went up North to Jontunheimen, Hardangervidda and finally Bergen and did several hikes. Also climbed Galdhoppingen, the highest Mountain in Skandinavia.
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