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[RESOLVED] Strange Style anomoly

I've jst put a home-brewed admin page. I created a class, 'admin-menu' This works fine on my development box with apache 2.0.54 and PHP 5.0.4.
When I upload the edited stylesheet and new admin page all my style info is intact except this new class 'admin-menu' The upload goes through; I've checked the content of the file for the new entries.
Although not particularly crippling I'd like to understand why so I can correct it and prevent this from cropping up in future pages. Plus my administrator willbe askng (complaining) about it
I parked my domain here and set the DNS servers to those listed in the email i received. Whois shows them as my servers. When accessing my site via my domain name the still shows up. Am I doing something wrong or is that just the way it is going to be?

Friscofrankie, the stylesheets are cached by your browser. Either directly go to the stylesheet in question or refresh your browser a few times. It has nothing to do with php versions, only with browsers and caching. But a link to the page in question and the stylesheet should be really helpful if you have more questions about it.

About your domain, if you set the nameservers properly and parked the domain on Frihost, then it shouldn't show the subdomain. You most likely redirected the domain to the subdomain, either on the addon domain page or on the normal redirects page. But again, I can't give you better support if I don't know the domain in question. Wink
Yeah I refeshed the browser about a dozen times before posting. i then exited and reopened. Although I didn;t think the versions had enything to do with the problem, I included what differences I could think of.
I then exited My window manager (Xfce) and restarted it. Everything was cool. Thanks for your response. Just a bit impatient I guess. my domain shows up correctly and style is there wierd though I was usng three different browsers. all had the same syptom.
Every thing works great.
Gotta say you run a class act.
Glad to hear you got it working Very Happy

Topic resolved and -locked-
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