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I see them everywhere in my kitchen. How do get rid of them effectively?
i use this:

any other brand also effective.

no need to follow instruction to replace every 2 months. just check it everyday. if it's eaten, just replace it.

safe for cats. they don't eat it. i don't have dog, so i don't know if dog will eat it.
I hate them so much
They are so dirty, look like cricket but cricket are much cute especially when they digging their hole Very Happy

I use bottle of liquid as steam to get rid of them, or just kill them by my shoes Smile
dspblack wrote:
I see them everywhere in my kitchen. How do get rid of them effectively?
If it is as bad as you say it is, I'd fumigate the kitchen. It's quite a big job, as obviously one needs to take out all of the cutlery, crockery, food etc. Then paper up all of the ventilation holes. Then activate the fumigator, close the door and fill in all gaps in the door. Let the room stand for about 24 hours. After that air the room first, scrub it from top to bottom. Sort of hard work, but it really does solve the problem. Not sure whether you can do it where you are though, maybe it has to be performed by a licensed person?

Otherwise I find Baygon really great. The one with the special nozzle so one can concentrate the spray.
Also maybe after the fumigator, try using Boric Acid. I would go for the gel if you can find it; mainly because gel won't go everywhere like powder will.
stomp! stomp! stomp!

i used to kill all those damn cockroaches by stepping on them with my shoe!!
but then i read somewhere that you should not do that or atleast put the dead body in a plastic bag, cause cockroaches are capable to release upto 500 eggs even after death... and you will just end up spreading the eggs around your house by walking with that slimy stuff on your shoe!

i m not very sure about this! need some confirmation! anyone?
You can use any kind of good spray for killing cockroachs.
just pour special chalk powder contaminated with insectiside. it can kills ant, cockroach, and many more.
it is really very hard to kill cockroaches completely from takes time and demand passion from you. if you will do continues cockroach killer spray at least three month and watch out their egg then it may be possible.but many people say they are very resistant.they are not killed easily.
there is also the question: Do you live in your own house, or do you live in a flat?
It may be possible that the cockroaches have their headquater not in your kitchen, but somewhere else, maybe in one of your neighbours flats, in the cellar, or just somewhere in between. So if you clean your kitchen by then, later they will come again with the intention to populate your flat, and they will keep on doing so. Any little crumbs of bread or organic waste will attract them, which nearly is not avoidable in a kitchen.
Well, in case of too many cockroaches you should get some service to kill them all with quimics. This is one of the most hatefull things to me. I hate when I have to kill this inset...ew
I was saddened a little while ago to Google around and find that cockroaches surviving nuclear explosions is a myth. From memory, they survive radiation better than we do, but they aren't even the most resistant bug.
one time i had cockroches in my kitchen,i can not explain how much hard time they gave to is really very very hard to kill cockroches onces you have because they are very resistant.i tried lots of medicine but useless.
I use a product that I get from the supermarket that has a spray wand attached. The last one I got that I am using now even has a battery and a trigger where you just hold it on and it sprays for you with out having to pump.
I just spray around the skirting on the floor once every three month or there abouts or whenever I see one. It is very effective and does the job really well.
I bought a restaurant once and we were doing a clean up and paint job before we re-opened. It was infested with cockroaches. The main food store room was so bad you couldn't walk in there without crunching them under foot. They were so thick. I had to get the pest control people in three times before we got rid of them. I don't know how the previous restaurant people could operate like that.
Living in an apartment, we've had multiple cockroach infestations before, especially in the kitchen area. We've always simply called in professionals to come spray the place down where the cockroaches hide, as tenants the cost is subsidized to only $15 - so a very good deal. Always worked great and those pesky bugs were gone within 5 days.
We usually use bug sprays at our home. The smell is horrible, but I guess that's why the cockroaches go away. Very Happy
The most effective method to keep cockroaches out of your kitchen and house is to keep it tidy. Basically if there's no food left scattered on the floor or in some hidden corners of the kitchen they'll have nothing to eat and therefore no reason to reside in your house.
I only use spray for mosquitoes because there's nothing else you can do to prevent them invade your space, especially in a hot summer night.
Limit the use of spray to the minimum, they're toxic for bugs, so they're toxic for human. There's no such thing as a non-toxic spray as all the advertisements are constantly lying to you.
once they are in kitchen It is very hard to get rid of them.they are very resistant and multiply in numbers and spread in your home. so please careful.I had this experience.I tried a lot to kill them by using different insect killer but only on that day they gone and you feel they dead but next day they appear again.this is very frustrating situation.
I read that some lizards eat cockroaches. I don't know if you would want lizards running around in your house, but I'd rather have lizards than roaches. Smile
SpaceInvader75 wrote:
I read that some lizards eat cockroaches. I don't know if you would want lizards running around in your house, but I'd rather have lizards than roaches. Smile

Yup, lots of different critters will eat cockroaches; lizards, shrews, mice and rats (and other rodents), other insects, spiders, etc... but yeah, people are just as leery of the predators as they are of the roaches Razz
aren't there some people themselves eating insects, fried in a pan, of course? i am sure they eat the big locusts that way, but i think i read they also eat the big cockroaches. crunchy and tasty and containing protein, they say. so do not fight those insect with pesticides like ddt before having them for lunch, which would be a quite elegant way to get rid of them.
Yup. I have a couple blog posts about entomophagy here on the forum Smile
codegeek wrote:
We usually use bug sprays at our home. The smell is horrible, but I guess that's why the cockroaches go away. Very Happy

I think cockroach have different kind of nose with human. Horrible smell for human not always the same horrible for cockroach nose. Cockroach like to live in dirty place with bad smell for human. I think the cockroach gone because of the chemical that makes them dead or naturally running away to save their live.
oh, i hate them really, these are horrible.
During getting rid of the cockroach problem I highly suggest listening to this song:

Insanely funny lyrics by a great and very original band.
its almost imposibru to eliminate, once it come to your house Very Happy

you should regularly eliminate them each 3 day for about 3 week regularly

its eggs is insecticide resistance, so you can only kill them when its hatch..
and another nightmare is, they all borne in pregnant condition
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