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Sometimes mad world of hostings

Today I'm working implementing some features in a client website. Suddenly the site has gone off. Well, not exactly off but when I try to visit the site the request never finishes. So what happened?

In previous days I had already noticed this site was not hosted in a good server. Well, was really a ridiculous server that was even blocking ajax, yes, incredibly blocking ajax with mod_secure. I realized too they were using a caching service in front of apache server.

This server must be configured with a really high timeout value so you never get timeout but you can wait as long as you want and you wont receive the reply from the server nor a timeout when it is facing a moment of huge overload.

I decide to start investigating because I know how to find out more or less how overloaded a server is. First I looked for some sites in same server to confirm is not a problem of my client sites but a whole server problem. On doing that research I was able to find at least 200 more domains hosted in same server. But on a further research it seems that server has more than 1300 domains. Probably all these reverse lookups are not enough accurate but I can at least estimate 600 domains (something in between both guess). Isn't this mad? And though I had not confirmed it yet I'm almost sure is a paid hosting.

Some weeks ago I was asked too for a job to optimize a website because the owner thought his website had some problem that was slowing down the load of his website. Well, indeed websites can sometimes be optimized for better performance but first research must be on the server itself. So I did same research for that website to realize his hosting was awful and had a huge amount of websites sharing the server, and that was the major problem he had. The site was even not loading at all in moments of huge overload. So my only recommendation for him to optimize his website was to move to another more reliable hosting -in this case and as it was a website selling web service I obviously recommended he had to move at least to a VPS, better to dedicated server, as shared hosting was not meant to be used for such a site-.

So what is clear with this is there are some people on the hosting market that can't be considered anything but... I don't know which would be the word... shameless, rascals, crooks?

And what I don't understand is how this market is not better regulated. If you are selling something you must provide what you sell. It is true that a shared hosting is a shared hosting and that is the package those people are buying but hostings can't be allowed to overload shared hostings so much that the server becomes useless.

It is true that the amount of hosted websites is not a measure of overload as you can have 5000 sites hosted that receive only 1 visit a day each and obviously you wont be overloaded. Or you can have a server with 20 sites and 1 receiving millions of visits a day being highly overloaded for that reason. But it is obvious that as more sites allowed in a shared hosting more chances it is going to be overloaded. So there should be a limit on the maximum number of sites allowed in a shared hosting and besides a good control from admins to avoid a site overloading the whole server.

And I have to say that both those servers were based on USA and owned by USA companies just in case someone could think this were happening in a less developed country.
Well I'm not sure how the market is right now because my web-related days are years behind me, but when I was younger and I was into this whole hosting business, many of the companies here were opened by various teenagers or other unprofessional/inexperienced folk (not saying teenagers are all unprofessional, of course).

Obviously due to their lack of experience the services they promised to provide were not really that good and for some strange reason I never heard about any trend of lawsuits or other form of regulation, so all that can explain the general lack of quality among hosting services at that time.

Nowadays, however, I'm not sure what the problem might be... maybe nothing has changed?
Yeah... I was using a paid host once that simply vanished without a trace.

Their server stopped responding, their website went down, they stopped responding to phone or email... they just suddenly vanished.

Good thing I had a backup copy, right?
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