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Help me relaunch my community: 100 frih$ for 3 posts

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Hello people my forums have recently been inactive for over a year. A few users have come back but it is pretty dead at the moment. I would love for some of you to come over (permenantly) and help me rebuild what was once actually an alright community. Especially some of my friends who are active here. I can't stop/blame you from taking the money and running so to speak but please stick around. Let's try and get this place active. By the way the 18+ thing is just mainly because of language but the sometimes contains content that might be considered NSFW - I am looking for a "mature" crowd anyway.

1. Don't bump topics that have not been replied to for over 6 months, new threads are encouraged in order to flush the ancient stuff down the page
2. Post in this thread your username so I can send you the frih$
3. You must have at least 10 posts on Frihost

FRIH$ OUT: 300

Oh and if anyone get's an admin verification instead of an email verification when they register you have been mistaken for spam. PM me and I will verify your account. I have just installed a MOD to stop spam registrations and I haven't had the chance to do much testing yet.
much better if you giving 100 coins because it can be use to purchase a domain name.. but i think you dont have enough coins to give..
I would love to do that but unfortunately my coins have to go back into my radio station at least this time round anyway. Next year I will have some oppertunities to give out some coins most definitely.
Great Forum Josso. Not sure I can make a proper contribution but will try my best. I'm obviously doing it for a friend from Frihost, rather than to earn coins. Very Happy
Thanks dean, definitely need people who are used to being active on forums
My Opinion to increase the user.
Create a Trending thread in your forum and share it on Facebook,G+,and twitter.
I think this will help you.
Quite a good idea actually, I'm sure there's a mod to add G+ buttons and stuff to viewtopic.php
does this offer still active?
Is this still active ?
Yep indefinitely, may offer coins next year as soon as I renew a domain
howdy ok lets us know then
Wow , I was worried that i dont have any frih$ in my account :p .
But now my account will have few frih$ .
my user name is andro_king .
Hey , josso ! I can't edit my profile in your community.I says '0' character limit allowed,then how will i update it.
Pls check it !
That's just spam prevention once you hit 5 posts everything should be enabled Wink

Thanks for registering
Josso wrote:
That's just spam prevention once you hit 5 posts everything should be enabled Wink

Thanks for registering

Oh ! I don't know that ! Shocked
Okay will try after hitting 5 posts Smile
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