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How does this method make user view blocked websites?

People in many other countries don't have access to websites like youtube, google plus, facebook, twitter, and so on.
In order to view these blocked websites, some use proxy, but just now, I found an article, in which another method is given---to modify the hosts file(location:C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts).
Well, according to the article, all users have to do is add the following code into the hosts file:
(Part of the code)

how does this method work?
Is this method effective only for google,facebook,twitter?Or it actually applies to all blocked websites?
Ah, I don't know, but here's my educated guess:

Those countries are blocking those websites by preventing the domain name from being resolved.
(Preventing the domain name server from telling the user's computer what IP address to go to for that domain name.)
By manually adding in these entries, you bypass the need to do that -- the computer already knows what IP address to use for those domain names, so it doesn't need to look it up.
Since you don't need to look it up, being unable to look it up doesn't stop you.
ocalhoun wrote:

Those countries are blocking those websites by preventing the domain name from being resolved.

Based on what you have said,
,this method won't work once the countries' firewall block the IP address rather than domain of the website.
Why don't they do it, anyway?
Blocking websites, and finding ways around the block, is a never-ending game of using methods that work "well enough". No doubt just blocking keeps all but a few techies from using the site, unless of course the ordinary user gets software written by those techies which is easy to use.

From the blocker's point of view, just blocking google is so much simpler than trying to block each of its IPs. In practice, they probably do block both the most common IPs as well as the domain name, but google probably has at least a couple of hundred IP addresses. I imagine that if use of the hosts file becomes common, the blockers will attempt to find all addresses. The user who wants to get around the block then has to search also, but only have to find one address the blockers missed.

You normally would not want to store a lot of IP addresses in hosts unless you were trying to get around blocking, because it might slow down your access to a site using multiple IPs and load sharing. I like to make a few bookmarks to sites with the url though. In case my DNS service quits working and my internet is still functional, I can still get to the sites.
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