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Indian politics going through a tough time?

I personally feel that some sectors in india are going through a really hard time as far as monetary matters are soncerned and the only way to improve their situation is to make a way for cash inflow from the other more powerful countries of teh world and hence I welcome teh concept of FDI. But the retail sector of our country is booming and we are really much better in retail than most of the other countries in the region and hence the decision of the government for FDI in retail cannot be consided as a very clevwer one.

Also, congress seems to be really keen to repeat a PV Narsimha rao this time and want to really bring in some big reforms in the economy but thy should understand tyhat they would need a face to represent the same in the democratic setup. Someone whom the nation would like and look upto someone whose words would matter for the nation which clearly seems to be missing in the government approach. With pranab Mukherjee out of the ranks and Rahul gandhi not coming up to take over the resposibility UPA government looks in diastrates at this moment. The oppposition is getting stringer and stronger and their look to be chances of general elections.

Also there can be questions put on all the politicians of our country is India ready for another general elections right now. On the one hand they believe that there is a great need for economic reforms in the country on the other hand they are pushing the country towards another election.

also there is a great chance of a third front coming up in the next general elections will it be correct to let the country go into the hands of a bunch of leaders who have never lead teh country before.

All I have to say is Wake up people and rise !!!
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