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I survived another Hurricane Story Inside

Well I live in South Florida proberly the wrost part of Florida that hit by Hurricane Wilma. I didnt have power for 3 days and I finally got it back on Wednesday at like 4:30. We also had no running water or anything. Mostly all of the tree's are down on my block and most of them are on house's. At like 6:00 the big tree in the back of my house fell and woke up like everybody that lives around me. The ground all uprooted with thre tree's becuase the tress arent even susposed to be in Florida so when they mess up they mess up the whole ground with them. There is a whole in one of the bedrooms in the house and water is still leaking through. Everyone in my house has to sleep in the living room. Its not like I could leave because we do not have a car like others and could leave just when they hear the sign of trouble. I'm finally OK but the weather people said that this is the wrost in 50 years for the place I live in because we never get hit by anything really bad but this time the eye hit us and around the eye is the wrost part of a hurricane.
Ill post pictures at Ill put a slideshow of during the eye because there like 45 minutes where its just quiet and then after that its the wrost. Ill also show all the the tree's and buildings and everything else that's messed up in the place where I live.
I just survived another hurricane story!
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