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Internet Explorer the only browser that doesn't work on XP

I know the title is not accurate but let's explain it.

The last version of Opera works on XP
The last version of Firefox works on XP
The last version of Chrome works on XP
The last version of Safari works on XP

The last version of Internet Explorer...
The last version of Internet Explorer..., it doesn't work in XP.

If you answer why probably you will receive answers like this:
* Something technical explaining IE9 uses Direct2D for hardware acceleration and that is not available on Windows XP.
* Something for a microsoft fanboy saying more or less the following: "if you want a modern browser use a modern operating system".

Well, anyone judge if those are fair arguments from a company to not support their clients.

What anyone with common sense should understand from that fact is that:
* There isn't any technical reason that prevents anyone to code a modern browser for XP. You see this clearly because all browsers have an XP version but Internet Explorer.
* Microsoft doesn't mind about its clients they just want to force people to upgrade at any cost. That's its policy and will never change.
Pretty obviously just a Microsoft marketing ploy to sell OS upgrades.

They'll also make their latest media player versions incompatible with previous OS versions. ... Unnecessarily, I suspect.

They stupidly (or arrogantly) forget though, that in both the browser and media player 'markets' they've got plenty of competition that isn't limited by the side-interest of selling OS upgrades.
manfer wrote:
* Microsoft doesn't mind about its clients they just want to force people to upgrade at any cost. That's its policy and will never change.

This is exactly what microsoft wants to do !
And it is the same as win9x -> windows 2000 -> windows xp -> windows 7 .. etc.
Microsoft just thinks is smart but it is not ! they don't want people to use win xp any more they want them to use win 7 or win 8 instead. but win xp is completely satisfiable and is a perfect os. anyway i hope the same thing doesn't happen to win 7 soon because i like it and i don't like win 8 in any way.
Windows is a scam in itself, all the new versions of windows are just previous versions packed into a new User Interface and slapped with Windows <version increment> and chucked up another 20-50 bucks. I am sure a new interface doesn't cost 300 bucks and if so keep the original. Service packs are just mega update packs for people whom have serious outdated versions or whom wishes to use a older version and the required patches/updates to keep the system stable. The funny thing is, most of the world buys into it and doesn't see how big of a scam/scheme it really is as if you keep your system up to date, you paying for what your already got in the newer core version. Windows Vista is basically windows 7 with a slightly new interface because it was a mega screw up from the early release. Now that windows 7 is somewhat stable there releasing windows 8 which is just windows 7 with a slightly newer interface (nearly 45-55%) but without a media controller as they want people to buy it so they can make up for their lost from the transition from windows vista to windows 7 (my guess and opinion anyhow). I am not going to windows 8 because I am happy with windows 7, plus I dont like windows media player anyhow I use (aka VLC) which is 100% free and opensource mediaplayer for video and audio.
Eh even if I am on a windows PC, I won't internet explorer anyway. I don't trust it, just as I don't care for Microsoft either. If you can't tell I am an Linux user straight up. I got my friends to turn away from internet explorer a long time ago.
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