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I'm just getting into cycling to get fit.

About 2 months ago I borrowed my brothers bicycle - it's a geared mountain bike, with knobbly tyres for off-road....I'm only riding it on-road though, so it's probably much harder to pedal on tarmac than proper smooth road tyres.
Despite this, I'm now up to doing rides around my home village of 10-15 miles....this morning I rode for 15 miles, up and down hills, and was back home in one hour & 15 minutes...I'm feeling much, much healthier & already can crack walnuts between my buttocks!*
Look out world, here I come! Very Happy

* this statement may, or may not be true!
i also like is a very good for exercise point of help you two in one way,exercise and your it is very good approach to have energy,save fuel.
i dont ryde a bike for years now do you know they can reach 160km hours of speed?
I doubt you can reach 160 km/h using a normal bike in normal conditions. Just think what will happen if you fall off in that speed. To reach such speeds you would probably need a special helmet to reduce air resistance and also a very steep downhill.

Cycling is very good training for the legs. Compared to running you get to see much more because you can travel much faster and longer. You also get the chance to rest without stopping completely.

What I dislike about bikes is that they don't always work as they should. The bike I had before it got stolen had this irritating problem. When I used my whole body weight and power to press down the pedal to accelerate or keep high speed uphill the chain jumped/skipped, which isn't at all pleasant, so I had to change the way I was cycling uphill to use low gears instead of high gears.

I think cycling is great because you can use it to get to work or school, and it keeps you in great shape. At the same time, you save money on gas and everything. It's also cool to bike up some trails or through city roads and such. So much fun. I use it to get to class everyday, but I have a mountain bike for when I want to go off the road on the weekends. Good job for getting more exercise into your life.
If you have the chance try swimming too. Cycling is a great exercise. Wish i could do too.
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