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No matter how see it women like a guy who has 2 of these 3

OK after observing women for a long time and friends think i am nuts to claim this because i am young but no i strongly feel this because where ever i see couples the guy falls in one of 2 categories out of 3 if they dont she cheats, she is not interested or just plain out says no and leaves. Here are the 3 things they are in no particular order nor are they listed as most important to least they are listed again in no particular order of importance.

1. Money (Doesnt always means rich)

2. Good Looks (either face or body or what woman determines as good looking)

3. Talent (either your talented in speaking, musical instrument, talented in charisma, etc etc etc)

Men need two of these three.

Men only need two of these things if you dont have them its bye bye. Some will last longer than others but if you dont keep 2 of these it will eventually mean bye bye. If a man only has 1 then the woman is stupid and most of the time either will get cheated or she is only with him for self interest.

The explanations why i believe this and you can test it and see:

First the money question and i know what many people say no this is not true love does not cost a thing. Not true at all love does cost money and you can pin point how much it cost you especially if you dated for a while before you two were officially in love. When you take a girl out it cost money, gas, flowers, candy, etc if it is true love then say baby lets go walking to the park and lets go walking to the beach lets just hang out at the mall but we need to go walking because all of this is free. Hungry? we should pack a lunch. Thirsty lets have a drink at the water fountain at the park or in a public building its free. I wonder will the woman stick around for this fun date and guy. When your officially a couple and are in love add up all the money spent on going out and that is the amount that love cost you. If you say what about love at first site well its more like a crush and a boner at first site after you so call catch each others eyes for the first time now what?? you go out right well your back to the whole free stuff remember if love doesnt cost a thing then dont spend anything and id ont mean guys only i mean even woman dont buy the guy anything or bring him anything because if your theory is correct the money should not be involved what soever in neither side. Try it and see if true love can survive without a little bit of green. I dont mean guys need to be filthy rich just as long as he has some money and isnt afraid to spend it. And guys dont say ohhh well i am not afraid to spend a little money why dont i have a girl well my friend i said you need two of three not one. If your thinking well you said if i have 1 i can still get one. Well no you need to be filthy rich or a hunk or something i mean far beyond the average. So getting back to money. Lets say your together for many many years everything is going well then money problems start occurring guy gets laid off or woman gets fired the bills are pilling up the kids are bugging the crap out of the one time happy couple. Fights occur money starts to be the issue people go from money doesnt cost a thing to screw this we have a mortgage to pay i dont want to be homeless, am hungry my stomach is growling etc. If love doesnt cost a thing then let both of you be homeless let both of you suffer the life of poverty but stay in love not the case is it when you think about it in details huh? If you search you will see that money is one of the top if not one of the main reasons why people get divorce in America. mmmmm Isn't that interesting. If you had money you would enjoy being with each other more and less stress over bills. End result no money no girl and love is not really free.

Good looks here is another of the popular ones the pretty boy the hunk that attractive guy the guy with a chisel abs the baby blue eyes those gorgeous green eyes. These are the typical guys women take a look and get turned on or are crazy attracted to or also known as love at first site. IF you say well i am good looking or i have abs and i dont have a girl well my friend remember you need two of three and dont say well i have money and i have abs and i dont have a girl. This maybe because your not really attractive or perhaps need to boost your talent and replace your so call looks or so call abs with talent. If you really are attractive as hell women will be flocking to you most of the time conceded women or women who are too dam picky with guys and only want looks will rush to be with you. Anyway, not all women look for a man with looks only the picky blind ones who want looks and dont look at anything else then they wonder why his guy is a playboy and check out other women as well. Women like attractive men ofocurse not all of them but there are so many i mean many many many that do. Would they get a fat guy or a hunk mmm difficult choice abs or a keg. Ofcourse we have the average guys in between but in this discussion your average meaning you go either way and this will now depend on the woman's perspective of what she finds attractive if she finds you attractive congratulations my friend you have 1 of the 3 down. Nevertheless, as years pass by the guy starts getting fat and old when this happens the women who only go for looks start realizing this guy is a jerk why because their blind has come off her face since the hunk of a guy turned into an average Joe and no longer has 1 of the three. Either a relationship turns sour with no love (remember love doesnt cost a thing idea again) or the just end up divorcing. Again looks is not needed to get a girl i said you need two of the three you might be a guy that has money and talent and that is good enough. These fat ugly talented people with gorgeous women make us wonder why and how they got them well they have money and talent no looks just need two if you have all three money looks and talent well your the complete package and there are many celebrities present and past that share that rare feature. If you say well no this guy people say he is ugly but i think he is cute mmmm no picture yourself with Flavor Flav and he has no money or any other celebrity with no money ugly no job i doubt you will be with them. Money has got you blind enough that you see someone attractive like 50 cases of beer being shoved down your throat. Therefore, women will 99.9% say to their friends when they say guess what i got a boy friend most likely the first thing out of a woman's mouth is, "Is he cute?" why the heck does it matter if she is happy he can be an ape but no this is not the case because women again look for 2 of the 3. If that is what comes out of their mouth most likely they are the kind of woman that first look for a guy with looks then the rest follows if even applicable in her mind.


Ok talent is the most broad one and most easiest one for a guy to have. When i mean talent i dont mean your some kind of talented athlete guy that plays sports or music or your good at at one sport. No this means you have a skill that makes you stand out. Something no man has or something very little have maybe a hand full whatever the case they stand out from the pack in one way or another. Maybe you know how to talk to women very well your a natural player smooth talker always knows how to say the right things, maybe you have excellent charisma. Maybe you do something that turns women on. We can see this in musicians. What is it about drummers, singers, or rock stars that have women go wild over them some of them are not even attractive they look like a stretched out gum. Mick Jagger has a supermodel and yes people will say that at one point he was attractive but i am referring to him now he still gets a lot of women why once you hold talent and your really really good at it it sticks like gum. Nevertheless, most guys have an aura that seems to surround them and make them appealing to people. Some guys have the talent of being nice but i dont mean an average nice i mean a nice that they are sooooo dam goood at what they do they should be professionals at what they do. I am not talking about the geek nice there is a difference between a well spoken nice person many smooth talkers have it. Perhaps your talented at how you dress, you know how to dress so dam good that makes women notice you. Many women will say so and so know how to dress that is why he is cute or that is why he is attractive, but dont be fool this is a tricky one this individual is not really attractive or cute he just has a talent to make himself look attractive that is the difference. Others know how to make themselves look rich when they are dirt poor and play it off really well again talent and skill. There are guys out there that are extremely romantic and yes this is a talent because most guys try to be romantic and fail miserably. Why because they dont have the talent to do it. If everyone can do it then it really is not a talent is it because then walking and breathing is a talent in this case but no everyone can do this effortless so walking and breathing is not a talent. Being romantic takes some skill to be able to plan the perfect evening and know how to sweep a woman off her feet this takes a great deal of skill and talent. Some guys say i am romantic i take women to the beach and take them to dinner. Well is that really romantic or is t romantic for some and plain, boring, and predictable to others that can actually be a turn off? Some women say oh that is so unoriginal so vanilla while others do like this and see it as romantic. Then again maybe this kind of woman looks for money and looks and dont care about the guy, which talent is gone. Unfortunately, many women lie and say wow your sooo romantic but guys try and not take it too serious because you need to make sure its true or not if you hear this from many many women most likely yes your talented at being romantic but if you only hear it once maybe she is lying to make you feel good. If this is the case what you thought you had might not be true and thus your left without someone. This brings us to the liars there are many guys who are really good at lying to get a woman. They promise them the world the universe, romance, love, the moon and the stars. That house in the future that tree in front of the house the perfect relationship. However, these guys have the natural talent of lying to women and women fall for it which is why many guys wonder why is she with him what does he have that i dont well perhaps he might just have talent that is greater than yours. In any case these men have an ability to diagram or illustrate an image in a woman's mind and play with their emotions that is talent. Talent doesnt always mean good it can also mean bad talent. Ever hear of the bad boy look women go for guys who are bad? Well maybe its their talent they are so talented at being and looking bad it lures these women to them. Many people who start off as nothing and there is no woman after them, how strange it is that once they become famous or singers women go crazy over them??? They say ohhhhhhhhhhh I wish I was in high school with that guy oh i would have made him my bf in a second or why the heck did all these women did not get him when he was single well maybe because people though he was talent less but once he hit the big times mmm what a surprise he now gets women and these celebrities always have money mmm two out of three.

In conclusion, no matter how you look at it a man needs to posses 2 out of 3 things to be successful in having a woman. Test it out use logic and dont say it is not true my so and so doesnt have these two things and they are together ohh really put it to the test and see how long that relationship will last. Women have lots of tolerance for men and i appreciate it because women are God's gift to man women do a lot for us and thus we need to respect them. Nevertheless, this article is not entitle why women are great but its entitle what women want and why women will go for these 3 rather than to think logically and the future. If this was true many many women would be happy with an average Joe who treat them right rather than pursuing their fantasy and falling face down hurt in the future.
very often its ambition as well. or rather potential. you dont have to be rich, but a girl has to see that u do the right things in live, that once u could end up somewhere. that u are confident and enjoying your "way". looks is a side-bonus. they take it, but they dont need it. i think it goes rather for girls with low self esteem that they "need" the good looking guy to "show" him around to their girlfriends.

i would go for

-a concept of life
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