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what genre do you like?

i like Pop and Rock.
I like rock, classic, acoustic..

I also enjoy listening to indie music
I listen to a lot of genres; I suppose most of what I listen to falls under the non-category of "indie" rock, but I also love new wave, post-punk, folk, punk, goth or dark wave, alt-country, grunge, and alt-rock, with a generous sprinkling of pop.
Genres. Heh. I listen to stuff from just about every genre, but I'm picky/choosy about them. I listen to a little bit of everything, and I like what I like.
All over the spectrum but mostly electronic music of some kind. Experimental or "IDM" works with a few quirks like minimalist electro/techno and early 90s hardcore. I'm a bit of an anorak with genres to be fair.
I have to say that my favorite genre of music has to be classic rock, but I'm also into techno and dubstep. Both are forms of music I've been getting into lately, mainly when I'm playing games.
Used to be rock, these days I'm increasingly favouring indie.
Rock, Classic, Rap, Reggae, Pop and few more Very Happy I'm a music cocktail
It seems I went through phases. In my early teens I enjoyed pop, rap and hip hop. Then through my late teens I really enjoyed rock and metal. Finally now I enjoy anything that sounds melodious, is different and has meaningful lyrics. Smile
The best is Horror Punk it's a shame there is only one (i think) band that plays horror punk. I also like some speed metal, thrash metal, power metal bands and a bit of rapcore...i dont know why but rapcore gives me energy lol
i like instrumental surf -
if you don't have an idea what this could be, maybe it can help you to search in youtube for it: [youtube][/youtube]
here you start with a nice piece, enjoy!

Discussed long time ago. Anyway, love some old electronic music and folk-rock.
Heavy Rock and Metal are my favourites. Bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Machine Head, Trvium. But also stuff like Guns n Roses, The Jam, The Smiths/Morrisey, Stone Roses, Oasis, Rolling Stones
I like Pop. Many singers like Lady Gaga sings Pop songs.
i like good music from a lot of genre
i like a lot of genres hip-hop ,jazz old pun rock ,like dead Kennedys , X-Ray Spex something of that kind I also like classics Mozart, Wagner etc, In my opinion it’s all about the energy a specific song/music can transmit
So the genre is not my “taste” or better said is not what really attracts me, but the song/music I am listening, you bet I know some classical that are way much heavy and violent them heavy metal and those 90s styles. One month ago I found a very old song, older than me from Nancy Sinatra called “These Boots Are Made for Walking” and I love it actually I’m listen to it right now
Very Happy Very Happy
The music i like the most is Jazz and meditation music. Sometimes rap and rock but i just love music that makes me feel good in the morning and through the whole day.
oh genre classifications, a funny thing, but i guess we have to categorize and rationalize somehow.
maybe martin heideggar was right after all.
My choice usually depends on the song, rather than the genre..
Though to generalize, i listen to rock, pop, country, acoustic, rap...
My favorite artists are Linkin Park, The Script, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Jason Mraz, Justin Timberlake, Pink.
listens music from any genre - the music I likes
but like soft music btw
Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Soul and Oldies RnB
I listen to Technical Death, Symphonic, Power, Epic, Prog Metal
Really boils down to the mood I am in. Jazz, rock, country. I cannot handle opera or rap at anytime.
I love Gospel, Classic and Pop! Smile


Standready, I can't take rap too! I have no idea how to appreciate raps.
I like: Metal, Hard-Rock, Country, Classical

And sometimes I like to listen Irish Music.
I especially like metal, some slow songs with good lyrics, and some folk songs with good melody.
I like Rock and Pop the most, but i hear also other genres a lot.
I can't really pick a favorite genre, but here's what I listen to most often:

1. Rock: "alternative", indie, grunge, and metal, and sometimes classic.

2. Electronic: House, Trance, techno, may sub genres.

I may try to make a music blog soon, based on some of the above categories.

Here's what I actually listen to, if anyone wants to check it out. I may try to make a music blog soon, based on some of the above categories.

I was trying to share my SoundCloud here, but didn't figure out how to do it yet.
SpaceInvader75 wrote:
I was trying to share my SoundCloud here, but didn't figure out how to do it yet.

You could just post the URL in... I don't think there's a player for the forum. I could be wrong though.

I've been relying on YouTube for my daily song blogs, but will likely be using SoundCloud as I start referencing more obscure material. I expect I'll have to just post links.
I prefer the following genres: Pop, Rock, Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music. But I do listen to other genres too, like Country, R&B, Rap and Hip-Hop. And I find them okay. Smile
Give me all the classic rock, heavy metal, death metal, rock&roll, metalcore, thrash metal, you can give pretty much ANYTHING I can head-bang to or have fun playing on guitar!
Hmm.. RnB Dancing
I like RNB, especialy Chris Brown. I think is the best in what i do. To bad, he got a bad behavior, really ! But Usher is still in a game so ... Very Happy
Using somewhat general genres: Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal*, Classical, and a bit of country.

*When I say Heavy Metal, I do mean traditional heavy metal like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Dio, etc. I don't generally listen to bands like Metallica or one of the many more modern interpretations of metal.

Expanding with more specific genres: Blues Rock, Folk Rock, Art Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Southern Rock, Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock, Country Rock, Country Metal, Glam Metal, New Wave of British Heavy Metal (if that counts), and Progressive Metal.
I'm more of a symphonic metal or gothic metal kind of guy. I used to like jpop, but I think I've moved on from that. Classical always has a place in my heart. Alternative music is one of my staples though. I listened to that genre all through the 80's and 90's.

I'm a fan of most music except for hip hop, r&b, and rap. I just never got into those genres aside from a few rare exceptions like Eminem.
I listen to all types of music, but most of the time I prefer indie rock.
I've recently been listening to a lot of ambient and abstract music. Biosphere's Substrata and Compilation 1994 are both excellent. Especially the track Poa Alpina. Also, Three Organic Experiences by Aglaia is a favorite of mine as ambient/background music.

Another favorite producer of mine is Tim Hecker. Some of his music will make you go "what the hell?" but there are some masterpieces in there in my opinion. The Album Radio Amor in particular is very recommended.
Pop, Indie Principally top 40 Music
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