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easyphp help 4 total noob - take 1 second of your time plz

I am trying to install gallery2 on my new frihost space. I downloaded easyphp figuring this is my only hope of getting php and mysql on successfully. I installed it onto my computer but am clueless if or what to ftp to my site Question

Is easy php only for windows? Is there a retards guide for setting up the basic functions such as mysql, php, etc. Once I get this part setup I can work my way through the rest but I fear this is just to basic to even be mentioned in the forums; hence why I am so confused. I have been reading these forums for days and am so lost.

I am looking to have a blog/wordpress and gallery with many users w/ access to post pics and text. I setup the blog successfully on my brothers webspace but the gallery requires mysql and php. I have tapped into all of my locally available resources with no success.

Thank you for any help or advice how so ever so small or insignificant. Seriously when I say noob, think of teaching your father how to use email for the first time, Brian.
MySQL and PHP are already installed on Frihost's servers. You just need to upload the Gallery2 files to the server and follow it's installation instructions. You will also need to create the MySQL database using DirectAdmin (assuming you are on server 2).

Let us know what you think of Gallery2 when you get it up and running.
I am about to call this quits and pay someone. I have all but read every forum, link faq, and etc without any results. I created the MySQL database using DirectAdmin with no problem.

"Begin Installing - Open up your web browser and browse to the install directory. Gallery 2 will walk you through the process of validating that your system is properly configured and will set everything up for you"

Well i cant get this installer to work. I have done everything it has told me to do shy of below. When I run the installer this notepad pops up saying

"If you're seeing this in your browser, and are trying to install Gallery,
you either do not have PHP installed, or if it is installed, it is not properly enabled.

The only thing I can think of that I couldnt figure out was this in the instructions .... "Note: PHP's safe_mode must be disabled!"
How do I do this?

Thankyou once again for helping me, Brian.
Any idears?
Have you copied the installation files to the Frihost server? You need to do this. Once you have uploaded them, go to the URL of the install file and it should run. PHP is installed on Frihost's server so you should not get that error.
nope nothing works. I have written this off as a loss :/
PHP can be used on anything - and runs on anything. I daresay youll find a tool for it - just Google Search.
Okay, learn what you are doing before you complain about the host (most are like this exactly) second, get used to getting mad at free hosts, they are free, that means they earn nowhere near as much money as you could working at a grocery store. Do you really expect a small group of people getting paid that much will be able to assist you that much. I mean, if they are lucky they get paid more because some ads get clicked alot, but come on... I mean, don't complain they are the people bringing us free stuff... Get used to it, if you want to go spend 250$ a month, then go for it, and save yourself some work, myself, I am staying here, becuase these people give it their best attempt to make this site the best they can. "nope nothing works. I have written this off as a loss :/" How nice can you get, I mean watch your mouth...
i don`t know too much about how php is configured on Frihost but most free hosting providers install php in safe mode....which means that you can`t use all of the functions that php has...this is done mainly because of security related issues...although you can get around them....well..i sure hope that isn`t the problem because my site woudln`t work with php mode disabled..i think...well anyway...good luck Smile
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