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Do you love your job?

I dont think job is only about money-making, but still many unlucky people do what they dont want every day,
so here is the question, do you love your job?
likeabreeze wrote:
I dont think job is only about money-making, but still many unlucky people do what they dont want every day,
so here is the question, do you love your job?

I'm an Engineering Student,so currently no job.
But worker need to love his/her jobs to do it perfectly.
cybersa wrote:
likeabreeze wrote:
I dont think job is only about money-making, but still many unlucky people do what they dont want every day,
so here is the question, do you love your job?

I'm an Engineering Student,so currently no job.
But worker need to love his/her jobs to do it perfectly.

Do you love your major?
considering many students are not satisfied with their profession...
I am a teacher and I love my profession. If you donot love your profession as teacher then you will become a bad teacher. Nothing in this world has more destructive power as a bad teacher Smile
S/he can spoil an entire generation (often more than one generation).
Yes I do. I thank god each day for providing me with this job, my living, my loved ones Arrow
yes i love my job while i am in rest but in the morning at wake up it hurt me a little Embarassed
i am student and my job is study.i am not intrested in this job.but it is my compulsion.if i will not study then how can i achieve my goal. so i want to study more it is not my need it is my compulsion.
My job is pretty lousy. It seems like that at some time while I wasn't paying attention, it became polite to spend the entire time conducting a conversation on one's cellular telephone while placing an order. Or to answer one's cellular telephone and start a conversation while placing an order. Or to waste 5 minutes of my time because you forgot what your friend wanted you to get for them, and you want to call them and ask them.

I even had one customer, after confirming that all she was going to buy was the sandwich, give me her credit card to pay for it. So I swiped the card, gave it back to her, and gave the receipt to her also. Then she changed her mind and decided to get a side of food and a drink (the cost of getting a sandwich, side, and drink- and then subtracting the cost of the sandwich- is a few cents cheaper than the cost of the side and drink)*. In a manner that would make Lucifer himself seem angelic, she demanded a refund so that she could get the reduced cost of the side and the drink rather than the regular price. Doing that after the sandwich was paid for would've been impossible, and I communicated that fact to her. The second sentence out of that idiot's mouth was, "Where is the manager?" Sorry, ******^, but if you want the reduced cost of the side and drink, either buy all 3 items at the same time, or at least pretend to feel remorseful and polite. I gave her the store's telephone number and told her the hours that the manager would be here tomorrow. I may as well add that her order was large (half a dozen sandwiches), and that she came in 10 minutes before closing- right when everything was nice, tidy, and ready to be put away (that's another pet peeve for another time).

So in conclusion, I hate it because it entails dealing with the rude 5%-20% of the population. Luckily, incidents like the above are few and far between, but cellular telephone incidents are bountiful. My job is not that bad, though; there are actually some things I like about my job, too.

* (sandwich + drink + side) - sandwich < drink + side
^ Thank goodness for the auto-censorship; now I don't have to watch my mouth =P I almost made the marker for this footnote, "**," but soon I remembered that that would've been an ineffective marker =P
I love my job. The hours are flexible and the work is interesting. But the best part is the team. I work with a small group of experienced partners, and I feel like we all contribute, even when we're worker on various projects. It's a great environment.
In my student life, my class timings were in the afternoon and evening... thats why i could not develop a habit of early wake ups.... Now... when i m working.. my job starts in the morning.. Gosh its hard to wake up that early... i love my work.. i love my office... but this punctuality thing.. and that early in the morning.... makes me a little dislike it.. i wish i could join a career without restriction of working hours and timing..
I am interested in computers and software development, it is sort of one of my hobbies, and I have been lucky enough to make my hobby a job and get paid for it.
Nevertheless, I work for a large IT company and those large IT companies nowadays do a lot to make your job difficult. I have flexible working time and partially flexible working location ( I can work from home one day per week ), thus from this side I shouldn't complain. But in a large company you face all sorts of obstacles to make you life as a professional very difficult: permanent cost cuts, bureaucracy, boring processes and rules, inefficient meetings, politics, lousy project management and lots of de-motivated people.
Without all of that my profession would be a great pleasure. I still like it though, but not every hour of it. But, hey, we live in reality ...
I don't -love- my job, but I don't hate it either. With that being said, I don't want to be doing it for my entire life. I'm a bank teller, and most days I work in my own standalone booth in the drive thru. So when I don't have a customer to wait on, I can surf the internet on my phone, read, write, or whatever. So that part of it is the cool part.

The part that I don't like though, is that my bank is heavily focused on sales, and I'm supposed to be suggesting products to each customer so they'll open new accounts or credit cards or whatever and in turn I'm supposed to be reaching my referral goals for the quarter. There's a few problems with that though. First off, I'm very introverted and I probably even have a bit of undiagnosed social anxiety, so it's extremely difficult and exhausting for me to bug people about that kind of stuff when I know that most of them just want to get about their day and finish their errands instead of listening to me talk. Second, we are located in a part of town where people don't really come to do banking, so we're usually slow except for the first week of the month. 90% of the people that come through there are regulars that show up at least once a week, and the majority of those are business people that are there on a daily basis. So I can't really just keep offering the same people the same stuff all the time. The third thing is that I feel like half of the stuff we offer is a scam. The bank doesn't see it that way, and the higher-ups are constantly trying to give us tellers examples of how the stuff really does help people out. But we're in an area where the people aren't very financially responsible in most cases...most get social security and welfare checks. So I feel bad offering them a cash advance product for example that I know they'll just use to buy more booze or use in some other irresponsible way, and from then on they'll just basically be forking 10% of their money over to the bank until the bank freezes their credit line as part of a "cooling off" perios, at which point they won't be able to pay their bills that month. :/ So we get hassled a lot by the managers about getting referrals because they're getting hassled by their bosses for their sales. I never really get in trouble for not having them, but they still do a good job at trying to guilt me into working harder all of the time. I hate not being able to do what is asked of me, but I never really feel much better even if I can get a couple of referrals.

So yeah...that's the crappy part of my job. And the other tellers there are so nice, but the next youngest person besides me is about twice my age. Between the time that I left town for college and the time that I came back, all of my high school friends have moved on, so it's really difficult to make new friends when I don't really interact with people my own age very often. I feel like I've gotten old way too soon lol. Only I don't have kids or grandkids, so I don't have much to talk about with the people at work anyway. Rolling Eyes
Yeah. My job is very similar to what I do in my spare time, so I enjoy it, it's helping me improve skills in a way that will be useful to me personally and professionally... I really can't complain.
Yeah. I love my job as I love my work - I am completely dedicated towards it Smile
Yes. I love my job and infect everyone should job his or her job bcoz job needs some level of responsibility and consequently needs some love.
I also love my job and always try to be loyal for it.
NOPE. I wish I could comfortably freelance again.
sometimes i feel like i loved my job. sometimes i feel demotivated. and still sometimes it felt like to live for doing a job. I loved it because of the challenge and the outcome which is solving the issue so everyone's life will be easier (a bit). somewhere along the road somebody will say that your job is insecure, the technology is changing, the market is moving, inflation keeps increasing, and the list goes on. so back to the initial question, do you love the job ? my take is, im trying to.
yes I love my job.
Lucky for me I'm working for my Brother in law, who manages foreclosed homes in the metroplex. There's a lot of them too!! Mostly been mowing lawns, but lawn season is dying for the winter. So mostly winterizing homes, replacing windows, boarding windows, fixing fences and roofs. Whatever work a house needs that a bank wanted them to have done, we do it. And it pays well Very Happy it's not bad. half the time of the work day is spent driving to other locations. Luckily I have an iphone with some fun games to keep me company. Planning on upgrading to a wifi hotspot so i can play online video games on my laptop while we travel. Strenuous work at times, and It's fun. it's almost like hanging out with my brother in law and one of our buddies Joe all day. We ahve some good times Very Happy

Eventually i want to get my Auto Dealers License and be able to sell used cars. Go to auction, get them cheap, fix them, sell them. most people just make sure they run, then sell them as is. i actually want to fix them up a little, then sell them. If I do well enough I should be able to get people to refer me to their friends. Everyone wants good cars Very Happy I just want to play with a new car each week. lol. Fun hobby to get paid for Very Happy
i love the αrea, but i'm fed up of programming...
Ive got the best Job ever.. I'M a night watch man. So long as the building is there in the morning the boss is happy.
Simple answer is no I don't like my retail job.
Not in particular . Mine is in a retail store.
i love my job.what i want to do i am doing,like i want to do some type of automation i am doing and i am happy
just hated it again, today. I'd be changing it next month so no worries here.
I love my job but this time i am not satisfied with monthly salary. Very Happy
I do love my job if I do not work to hard.
Yes ofc
Yes, I do! I love it with a capital "L"! The reason why I love my job is pretty simples: I work 6 hours a week (yep!) and my income is awesome. I work in a lovely place filled with wonderful people, always smiling and ready to help. I was badly needing a job and my last months weren't so rosy, so I'm feeling very grateful. Very Happy
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