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Entanglement Theory

I was made aware recently of something called the entanglement theory where two atoms that somehow have been "entangled" if separated and placed miles apart are still somehow interlinked. Apparently if one atom is manipulated in some type of quantum physics way, the other atom experiences the same quantum manipulations even if it is many, many miles away! Perhaps I heard wrong, but is this true and how does that actually work?
Yes it actually works,

.. but you'll need 2 particles that are (close) together at first. Then these "get entangled" and you can separate them. After the separation, anything you do with the first particle (eg change spin) also occurs in the second particle, instantaneously.

I must be honest I don't quite grab the principle myself, but as I've read sofar, it is a consequence of two entangled particles preserving the total amount of information they contain at all times. The second particle "follows" the first one, because if it would not do so, more information would be added to the system (of 2 particles) than physics allows.

There has been speculation that a communication device could be made that works instantaneous over a (very) long distance, instead of conforming to the speed of light.

I tried to find an option in Google Chrome to use it for large downloads, but alas.. it's not built in yet Very Happy

Smile Lx
Almost like human relationships. When two people who were close part from one another there always seems to be a lingering connection of sorts.
LxGoodies wrote:

I tried to find an option in Google Chrome to use it for large downloads, but alas.. it's not built in yet

Instantaneous communication does not work that way.

It would not necessarily increase your bandwidth at all. In fact, it would likely restrict it badly unless you were using a LOT of entangled pairs.

What it would do is reduce latency and allow you to transmit to/from any location, no matter how far or how much stuff was in between.
It would be miraculously useful for wirelessly communicating to places deep underground or underwater, or far away in space where communication latency is much more profound of a problem.
I don't understand how it would be used in communication. The point of an entangled pair (or more) is that the final 'state' is not apparent until the entanglement is 'broken' by measurement/interaction (decoherence, to use the physics term). How would you use entangled pairs to communicate?
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