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RussoGraffix (CC-BY)

I have a number of things I have created over the years, posted on my art blog, lots of which is CC-BY licensed.

This means you can have fun chopping them up and altering them to suit your needs. They are OK for both personal or commercial use, as long as you give me credit by linking back to my art blog anywhere where my art or part of my art is displayed.

I am a Paintshop Pro user and a lot of my more recent works are all PSP vectors, which I have released to the world because I know there is a real need for these types of vectors for PSP users to work with. (Most of the ones available on other sites are just single color, individual font characters.)

Having graduated from "The Ed Emberley School of Art", most of my vector creations are rather simple in their design.

Main page
PSP Brushes
PSP Tubes
Wallpapers (old and kind of too small for today's larger, higher resolution screens)

There is also some stuff that you can not use except on your own desktop. Not everything is CC licensed, so pay attention to the information on the pages to find out what is and what isn't. My original website contained creations from both myself and my daughter and I can not release her stuff with a CC license unless she gives me permission to do so, which she hasn't.

If you want only the CC licensed stuff, stick to this page.

And if you like the banner in my signature, the pirate and ninja vectors are available.
Some wallpapers I made a long time ago, back when most people I know had a 800x600 resolution.

If you feel like chopping these up and creating new works from them, feel free to do so, as they are all CC-BY licensed.

Click images to view full size. Credit links are below each image, which will be required for anyone that chooses to use these.
I Checked your arts on your website.
It looks nice.
I like this wallpaper:
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