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Mass Effect 3 DLC Leviathan

I love the Mass Effect series even though I started from two when bio ware decided to put it on PS3. I ended up trading it in because I did not think there wasn't going to be any dlc for single player. I was wrong, Bio Ware came out with new DLC to go for single player I was gonna rent Mass Effect 3 from Redbox and purchase the DLC but I don't want to bother if it is not good. The DLC for the extended ending I thought it was useless because even though they left wholes I still painted a mental picture of what would happen. Only thing I liked about it was the fact that was I saw it unraveled and illustrated. Thank goodness it was free, So the DLC Leviathan is it any good or is it just crap. Note: Also the extended ending the new choice they gave you seems to leave an opening for a fourth Mass Effect hopefully that was not a spoiler if it is I'm sorry.
I played ME3 all the way thru once on my paragon FemShep, but I never did any of the DLC. Hell I haven't even bought all the DLC for 2 yet. :p
The last one they did which was a prequal to ME 3 is amazing.
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