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its time to get job,i m feeling nervous.please suggest...

I am the final year stream is computer some days campus placement will be start.i am feeling nervous,that whether i get job or not.i m getting heart is bitting so please suggest me at this time what should we have to do?
I think you should try a job first, if it is ok, then you still, if not, i know you will know what should you do.
I was also in the same situation few years ago but unfortunately have chose teaching as my profession instead going for doing job in any good paying private company.

Best of luck for your campus placement. Definitely you will get job in any good company.
Just try your best! Perhaps you need to find out first why you are not confident enough.

I'm a third-year undergraduate by the way, Very Happy reading Computer Science as well. But I will probably have to get a higher diploma.
do not take tension just work hard and try your best and do what you can do.if you will take tension you can not perform very well.
I am in the same position at the moment, finding jobs and all. Here are few pointers from me:
1) Do not worry a lot
2) Your first job is not the last.
3) Since this is your first job, try to get in a position which will help you learn and gain experience.
4) Relax, everything will turn out well.
First of all be confident. Improve your verbal skill. You can practice in front of a mirror and that helps a lot.
Now regarding the preparation-- The recruitment process consist of three stages

1) Written test ( consist of Aptitude, reasoning and sometimes basic technical knowledge of the subject).
Some companies like Infosys gives only few puzzles to solve.

2) Group discussion (GD)- This is basically to test your communication and interactive skill as well as leadership qualities. You should have a good command on English to have a good score. Practice to speak atleast 10 minutes per day with the friends who speaks English well. Start with the topic of common interest like cinema, politics, cricket what ever interest you and you need to participate actively rather than being a listener. Remember that GD is not a debate, so there is no need to unnecessary cross someone's point. All of you may agree on a common point or may differ.

3) Personal Interview(PI)- This is the last stage of elimination. It may start with a common question--Tell us something about yourself and may end with technical question. Usually both technical and HR persons are present there. Be thorough with the basic subjects like --Networking, OOPs, Operating systems, C/C++ etc. Nobody will ask you to write the program of quick sort or merge sort but may ask the basic operation of a divide and conquer algorithm--like that. Be honest and donot try to fool the interviewer. If you donot know the answer, admit that you donot know. Everybody is not suppose to know everything. The companies promptly rejects the over-smart people as well.

I think enough lecture has been given. Very Happy You will see that the most difficult part is the preparation part and it takes most of the time to crack the first company. Once that is done, subsequent success
will come easily.
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