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TV Shows You watch these days

I'm not a big fan of watching TV but do like watching TV series so I just buy DVDs. These days I watch couple of TV series like,

1) Burn Notice (season 3 and 4)
2) Warehouse 13 (finish 1 and 2 seasons and going to by the third)
3) Alf ( I bought the first season of old American comedy show called Alf which was about a Alien)
4) White collar ( bought first season but haven't started watching it)

Warehouse 13 is pretty good. I think its great.
I've been watching more TV lately, mainly TV series. Right now I'm watching:

1) Once Upon a Time (just waiting for it to come back from the break)
2) Revenge
3) BBC Sherlock (same as OUAT)
4) Criminal Minds ( I always watch when it's on TV)
5) The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy ( I got all 7 seasons on my computer).

dude_xyx wrote:
3) Alf ( I bought the first season of old American comedy show called Alf which was about a Alien)

They used to show Alf on Brazilian TV (and the title in portuguese was a bad pun with ET...).
At the moment not much as the summer dead zone has not quite worn off yet. Breaking bad first half of last season has just ended with a surprisingly easy to guess bombshell. I'm waiting for fringe season 5 (later this year?), peep show (no release date but soon), following alphas s02 currently, a new season of fresh meat is coming out the 12th I think and another good UK sitcom called bad education (reminds me a bit of Campus) has just started. I am waiting for loads of stuff to come out september/october basically apart from a few things it's 50% repeats I am watching atm.
Mainly Parks and Recreation on Netflix.
Once Upon a Time, Touch, The Amazing Race and Survivor. Smile
Numb3rs Via Netlflix
Celebrity Ghost Stories
Bait Car
Repo Games
These are the main things I've been watching these days:

1. Breaking Bad
2. Re-watching Battlestar Galactica (reimagining)
3. Doctor Who
4. Cheers reruns over Netflix
5. That 70's show over Netflix
6. Family Guy
7. South Park
1. The Big Bang Theory
2. White Collar
3. Suits
4. Sherlock
5. Family Guy
5. (Occasionally) How I met your Mother
6. (Rarely) Two and a Half Men

Series I really enjoyed but have finished watching:
1. Inuyasha (anime)
2. Friends
3. Prison Break
There are a number of shows I enjoy. Currently these are the ones I watch week in week out:

CSI: Miami
Royal Pains
Mount Pleasant
Waterloo Road
Holby City
Teen Wolf
Person Of Interest
Doctor Who
Strike Back
The Finder

And these are shows I've been watching and will do so when the next series return:

CSI: New York
Criminal Minds
Greys Anatomy
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
The Walking Dead
The Mentalist

And there are loads of shows I've loved over the years, such as:

Gavin & Stacey
Quantum Leap
Terra Nova
Gray's Anatomy
Private Practice
The Walking Dead

I love medical dramas, my favorite of which is/was ER.
chartcentral wrote:
Once Upon a Time, Touch, The Amazing Race and Survivor. Smile

I watched just Touch's pilot and I didn't think it was good enough for me to get hooked on the series. Tell, is it worth? I can see that you're a Kiefer fan too. Smile
I think I watched 3 episodes of Once Upon a Time. Also there are couple of other TV series I started watching but stopped in middle.

1) Anger Management
2) Being Human
3) Continuum
4) Baby Daddy

And waiting for next seasons of,

The Big bang theory and 2 Broke girls
The Grimm Season 2
Not bad, but the show keeps too many things unexplained
I'm noticing a lack of Community in this thread.

Thats been taking up most of my time on Netflix lately. Maybe it betrays my age but that show is fantastic, definitely my type of humor.

I really don't watch that much TV (might be a good thing) but another show that really hooked me in was MadMen. I don't have AMC or HBO or whichever channel it airs on, but when I found that on Netflix last year I did very little but watch MadMen from start to finish. Now that I think of it, I should probably watch the new season.

Simple topic, with a lot of diverse answers. Thanks OP
Heh I love Donald Glover but never seen communtiy. Really must do.

Forgot to mention I am looking forward to new Walking Dead and more importantly boardwalk empire season 3 came out yesterday! Hooray!
Bought Fringe season one and Castle season one.

There was another series like Castle. It was called Life, about a cop who was framed for a murder and sent to prison But after year and proving he is innocent get freed plus with 50 million settlement for that. Then he starts working for Police again with new partner and use unusual methods for Solving crime. But they seems canceled the show after first series.
Myanmar Diary
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy
House Rock
Marilla on paita päällä
Finished watching Castle first season and it's great. Fringe seems good too though I have watched only 4 episodes yet. Wonder the big bang theory season 5 has started or not yet.
I tend to prefer shows that make me think, add to me in some sense... some humor and laughing are always welcome, though.

I guess anyone can see, my favorite one, true addiction, is and will always be House M.D. It's just needless to say (but I say it anyway) how clever it is (the show, not to mention the character himself!), so it's really sad having to face it's over, for good!

But besides him, I do enjoy some other (ordinary) investigation ones, as some of the Law and Orders, Numb3rs and alike. Criminal Mind is definitely on my list, although it seemed to me to have lost a little of its magic.

Well, Big Bang Theory once in a while is alright to make me laugh, but that would be it...

Oh, I was almost forgetting: for some time I could really enjoy Dexter, but I stopped following so I can't really have an opinion about it now, but it's worth a try!
OK so a lot of good stuff has come out as it always does around this time of year.

New stuff I'm following:
1. Fringe season 5
2. Last Resort (surpringly good)
3. Alphas season 2
4. Castle season 5
5. Family guy season 11, american dad season... 8?
6. Person of interest season 2
7. Bad education
8. Fool britannia (trigger happy TV for 2012, medium sux level)

New stuff I'm still waiting for:
1. Peep Show season 8 (hollllly crappppppp please come out already)
2. Red Dwarf X (season 10) (oct 4)
3. Fresh Meat season 2 (few days?)
well in these days i start watching true blood tv show starting from season 1.
There is absolutely nothing to watch from Nilesat (free channels) right now. Probably need to subscribe to paid channels, but at the same time feels like a waste to me.
I watch these tv shows :-
1. Dexter
2. Prism Break
3. Los Angels
4. The Walking Dead
The big bang theory season 6 has started. Only watch two episodes so far. Also watching the Fringe first season. I have kinda started liking it.
So far I have watched every episode of The walking dead, so now I am watching Xena, I know old. I prefer hercules over xena, but have watched all of hercules as well. Also enjoyed watching the vampire diaries, but of course no more of them to watch. I also watch a season completely until I gave no more to watch, assuming I like it. I tend to run out of thing to watch.
Breaking Bad

Hell on Wheels

Boardwalk Empire

Game of Thrones
I watch the traditional Indian favorite, "tarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah". It is a hilarious show with a heart. It teaches many basic principles of life in a comic manner. The daily problems of common man are highlighted very well and are dealt with in a light hearted manner. It is a show wroth watching, on SAB TV at 8.30 pm from Monday to Friday.
I'm craving good TV shows here in the UAE. Almost as though they have all dried up, and particularly since I had been watching up to date CSI, Law and Order, etc. during my month holiday in Canada and Ecuador.

I'm so lazy. High time I get that proxy, and watch Netflick on TV. Probably would need to upgrade my computer first though as I will be needing a Video card. I particularly miss CSI New York with Sela Ward in it. She's really given new energy to that show, so much so that I now prefer it over CSI Miami. Law and Order SVU has some of its older characters back, Mariska Hargitay. Was enjoying the new season of Law and Order as well during my holidays. Darn!
I'm watching "Grimm" and "Face Off".

Grimm has been described as "a cop drama—with a twist... a dark and fantastical project about a world in which characters inspired by Grimms' Fairy Tales exist.

Face Off is an American reality television game show on the Syfy cable network in which a group of prosthetic makeup artists compete against each other to create prostheses such as those found in science fiction and horror films.

I did not watch the prior 2 seasons, and started from season 3.
These artists are more peace and helping each other, not like others reality tv shows.
Watching the new Season of Dexter and just finished last season of BreakingBad
Heard a lot about Breaking Bad. What kinds TV show is it ? Comedy ? Action ?
Does anybody know of a good show that is kinda similar to The Walking dead? Preferably containing zombies and on Netflix
I envy you for Netflix. Netflix is not available for the UAE. And on top of it there's REALLY nothing to watch at the moment that is worth it. Good part of course is that I then get more Internet time, and hopefully more sleep time to. Very Happy
Another New TV series has started. Called "Arrow". Something more like one of those Marvel comic heroes. I watched 2 episodes and It's pretty good.
Yeah I've been digging that so far as well. Not sure if it is doing enough to keep me following it though
Started watching Game of Thrones.

Holy crap.
Game of Thrones didn't get me hooked. I got bored after couple of episodes. Arrow seems pretty good. Watched 4 episodes and all are good.

Also watched whole Warehouse 13 season 4. This series is great !
Started watching GRIMM. Watched complete first season and three episodes of second series. It's pretty good !

Also bought a first season DVD of old TV series called Perfect Strangers. I remember watching this one when I was very small like 6-7 years old.
I do like watching a good TV series. I recently finished up Warehouse 13 (season 4) and I'm watching Spartacus: War of the Damned season 2. I found out the guy who played Spartacus in season 1 died of cancer. He found out I believe shortly after seasons 1 finished and he started treatment but he eventually lost that battle. Season 2 was originally postponed and they cast another man to play Spartacus. It's kind of sad, the other guy had a nice voice and he played the character very well... I'm not as impressed with the new guy... Sad
Currently beggining season 3 of Walking Dead, just finished weeds (yes i know i'm late :p )
I am as well watching The Office as well, which is not famous outside of UK and USA but great.
And if i would recommand a not-so-famous TV show, even if it has been shut down last year, it would be Chuck, it is really really good:
I gave up on Sparracus and now I'm watching Elementary. They're only in season 1 and they have replayed a number of episodes. I have up to 19 but I'm just in the middle of episode 16. Poo poo. I like this show and I want more!!!
I I have completed Castle, 12 episodes of 5th season.
I finally started watching Breaking Bad. Holy crap its good!
Also started watching Workaholics which is really hilarious and easy comedy
I also started watching Breaking Bad and I think it is pretty good. It has some neat aspects of showing you the chemistry side of things as well as some of the personal drama and stuff that happens on the side. The actors are really great and really make the show what it is. It also gives a good look at the drug trade and stuff, which is really interesting.
I haven't updated my list for a while Sad

Some of my favorite are ended

1) The Big Bag theory
2) 2 Broke Girls
3) Zero Hour


1) Orphan Black
2) Defiance
3) Crossing Lines ( this one is pretty good)
4) Under the Dome (only one episode)

There are 2 shows watched first couple episodes but I didn't quite like

1) Da Vincis Demons
2) Labyrinth
dude_xyx wrote:
Heard a lot about Breaking Bad. What kinds TV show is it ? Comedy ? Action ?

It is mostly drama. Not really much action. Its about a chemistry teacher that gets diagnosed with lung cancer. So he starts manufacturing meth to pay all his medical bills without his family finding out (his brother in law is in the DEA)
Sounds interesting. Have to check that one. Very Happy

These days I watch,

01) Crossing Lines

02) Awkward (first season DVD)

03) The Exes (first season DVD)
I just started to watch Breaking Bad (Ok, I'm late), and I loved it! These days I'm watching 30 rock too and just finished the first season of Hemlock Grove, from Netflix.

I'm also waiting for the new seasons of Greys Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story...and many others! Smile
I'm currently watching jhalak Dikhla Jaa, on Colors. It is a wonderful dance reality show. A very engaging spectacle, Jhalak is coming to its finale next Sunday. I'm quite excited about it. Very Happy
BreakingBad, How i met your mother , Heroes.. and much more.
Downton Abbey
Person of Interest
Call the Midwife
Do not have cable, so Public TV has the best shows on most of the time.
Person of Interest is good I'm pretty sure they are doing a 3rd season.
Live television shows? Very little.
Breaking Bad is pretty awesome. I am re-watching Friends again. And going through Game of Thrones as well.
A new series called Sleepy Hollow has started. This one is pretty good even thought I have watched only the first episode.
Survivor, The Amazing Race and Once Upon a Time. Smile
oh you're into reality shows huh? i used to be in reality shows when i was younger. i remember watching survivor after this one show called, the mole... or something funny like that. it was pretty entertaining.

i currently am currently in between a few tv shows that i'm getting caught up on. dexter (HBO's... not dexter's laboratory. that's a good show though), friends, south park, and arrow. all at least decent shows. i've already seen all the episodes of south park and friends, but it's been a while so i'm kind of slowly rewatching them. like when i'm trying to go to bed or something. and arrow is a pretty neat newish tv show that's going into it's season season, starting this month. Very Happy so i'm finishing up the first season of that and getting soked for the second!
The big bang theory is back ! Season 7 ! Also I'm watching,

01) Sleepy Hallow
02) Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
03) Atlantis (I watched only 2 episodes yet)
New walking dead, new boardwalk empire, new castle, did a game of thrones rewatch season 1-2 and also did a complete breaking bad watchover recently too.
I don't watch a tonne of TV, but I do watch specific series from time to time.
Right now I'm watching:
.: Adventure Time - mid way through S2
.: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I was into more "serious" vampire stories when I was a teen and Buffy was actually on the air, so I skipped it... now I'm checking it out due to the respect it gets from Whedon fans and the geek community in general. Also midway through S2
.: How I met Your Mother - Also didn't watch this on TV, but am now working my way through the series... also midway through S2 (odd pattern here).
.: Parks and Recreation - I saw an episode or two of the first season when it was current and it didn't grab me, but I'm giving it another chance, and it's amusing me... geez, I'm also in S2 of it Razz
.: Doctor Who - I'm caught up from 1998 to the most current episode (waiting on the 50th Anniversary to air). I'm also working my way from the First Doctor on, and am still fairly early in the original material.
I watch korean drama these days. I like them because they don't usually contain the usual trite you see in most soap operas. Looks good visually and stories are really good. You don't usually see people crying over small issues. If Japan makes good animation, Korea makes good drama, in my opinion.
And lately, I've been detached to western pop culture. I used to love watching TV series from US until they start to dub every f**** show. Man, I hate it. They make bad translations and the conversations are out of place. I learn English from those shows. I used to have a broader vocabulary, now I check the internet for synonyms and whether I'm using the right words.

Ankhanu wrote:
.: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I was into more "serious" vampire stories when I was a teen and Buffy was actually on the air, so I skipped it... now I'm checking it out due to the respect it gets from Whedon fans and the geek community in general. Also midway through S2

I think Angel is better. Never watched Buffy actually but Angel was my favorite TV series when I was teen. Didn't know it was a spin-off of Buffy until they show a merged episode. And I didn't know Spike was in Buffy too which is why I regretted not watching Buffy. I'm not a fan of Vampire stories but I thought vampires as heroes is cool. And I believe that Angel is the only legit vampire hero because in order to be a vampire hero you have to get a soul from an enraged gypsy... thus the title "vampire with a soul". It's not possible for vampires to be friendlies unless they have a soul. People don't understand that these days. LOL
.: Adventure Time - mid way through S2
I love Gunter from Adventure Time Surprised

Apart from that, I watched The Big Bang Theory and that's pretty much it.
bigg boss 7
Sylin wrote:
.: Adventure Time - mid way through S2
I love Gunter from Adventure Time Surprised

He's SO EVIL!! Very Happy
Ankhanu wrote:
Sylin wrote:
.: Adventure Time - mid way through S2
I love Gunter from Adventure Time Surprised

He's SO EVIL!! Very Happy
ROFL, evil gunter Twisted Evil

He's soo adorable XD
Big Bang Theory. nuff said. LOL I did live in Canada for about 6 years, and I really liked a show called Corner Gas. Was dry family humor, and a really good time. There was also one called Trailer Park Boys that made me laugh so hard once I hyperventilated.
Right now my list is ,

01) The big Bang theory
02) Grimm
03) The Black List
04) Intelligence US
05) Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
06) Helix
07) Elementry (Sherlock Homes one)

There are 2 Brand new TV series

01) The After
02) About a boy

Started enjoy The blacklist a lot. They always have pretty good stories for every episode.
doctor who new episodes
Currently I'm into Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Shameless. Interesting part is all 3 of them take place in Chicago. Other than that I really don't have any other TV shows that I follow up on. Each night before I go to bed though Friends is usually on. I've probably watched the who series several times by now.
Almost all my favorite TV Series has completed Seasons so now I'm running dry. The big bang theory, Blacklist, Grimm, Helix, Intelligence all finished.

So I have started watching these,

Penny Dreadful
The 100

Also I'm searching for new good TV Series. I miss those good old Sci-fi TV series like StarGate, Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. No space TV series like those they have anymore
Still watching Survivor and The Amazing Race (but they just finished their respective seasons). Currently watching Once Upon a Time and 24: Live Another Day. Smile
Josso wrote:
OK so a lot of good stuff has come out as it always does around this time of year.

New stuff I'm following:
1. Fringe season 5
2. Last Resort (surpringly good)
3. Alphas season 2
4. Castle season 5
5. Family guy season 11, american dad season... 8?
6. Person of interest season 2
7. Bad education
8. Fool britannia (trigger happy TV for 2012, medium sux level)

New stuff I'm still waiting for:
1. Peep Show season 8 (hollllly crappppppp please come out already)
2. Red Dwarf X (season 10) (oct 4)
3. Fresh Meat season 2 (few days?)

Oh you look Alphas too ! Such a good show ! I don't know why they canceled it Sad
I have started watching this new TV Series called Penny Dreadful. It has everything creepy you find in old literature like Frankenstein, Vampires, Jack the Ripper etc.
watching Heroes at the moment

a friend suggested I look at Misfits as well and they both seems to have cool super powers and what not so I'll be watching it next Smile
Nothing much to watch these days but I found 3 TV series which fit my interests.

+ The Last Ship - post-apocalyptic drama type. Pretty good so far.

+ The Assets - A CIA spy hunt story.

+ Extant - It's a science fiction and Halle Berry plays main role. Looks promising.

Also I watched one episode of Enlisted which is a comedy.
gluzy wrote:
Josso wrote:
OK so a lot of good stuff has come out as it always does around this time of year.

New stuff I'm following:
1. Fringe season 5
2. Last Resort (surpringly good)
3. Alphas season 2
4. Castle season 5
5. Family guy season 11, american dad season... 8?
6. Person of interest season 2
7. Bad education
8. Fool britannia (trigger happy TV for 2012, medium sux level)

New stuff I'm still waiting for:
1. Peep Show season 8 (hollllly crappppppp please come out already)
2. Red Dwarf X (season 10) (oct 4)
3. Fresh Meat season 2 (few days?)

Oh you look Alphas too ! Such a good show ! I don't know why they canceled it Sad

I was slightly bemused by the cancellation, the ending seemed rushed.. it had a great cast and subjectively likeable characters so I don't see why they ran it like they did. I would still be watching it now if they got renewed. On another note, waiting for SEASON 9 PEEP SHOW - the last one, and yes it's 2 years again... the US wouldn't put up with this.
I forgot to mention about another new TV series. It's called The Strain and it's a combination of vampire/zombie/virus story. Only three episodes released so far but I love this one. I'm not a big fan of vampire-zombie stuff but this one is really good in my opinion.
These days I;m watching following TV series,

01. Star Wars Rebels (Finished).
02. Constantine (Not sure season has ended or not).
03. Forever.
04. Marvel Agent Carter.
05. iZombie (Different than usual Zombie stories. This one has a good Zombie who helps Police)

Also watching DVDs of old British Comedy called Allo Allo.
Watched all the aired episodes of The Last Man on Earth recently.
I just finished Fargo season 1 (just assume there will be season 2 ).

The to-watch list is
The Grimm (live)
Better Call Saul (live)
Castle (live)
Criminal Minds Season 9
CSI (live)
Green Arrow Season 1
Scorpion (live)
The Big Bang Theory (live)
The Flash (live)
Oh there are few which I wait till season end to get the DVDs,

The Black List (season 2)
GRIMM (season 4)

I watched Scorpion upto 12th episode and got bit bored with it.
I've been catching up on some of the newer episodes of Big Bang Theory. Not as funny as it used to be, but not bad for such a long-running show.

As some of you know I rarely watch TV, this is only the second show I am watching regularly now (after that crazy Chinese dating show I sometimes watch on weekends).
There's not much in TV for me these days. If it keeps going this way I may just be tempted to get back to reading again. Which I haven't done in years. I have enjoyed Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck, and sorry that came to an end. Ditto Criminal Minds and Law and Order SUV. I used to like Miami Vice but think I've had an overload.
I don't watch a lot of TV nowadays either. The main ones I watch are Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones. These both shows I can watch online, so I don't need to have an actual TV. It's so nice that nowadays you can have so many shows to watch without owning a TV. Everything is available on Netflix or on their networks own sites. Game of Thrones is a great show, but unfortunately you do need to subscribe to cable to get access to their online version of the streaming of the show. This is their software called HBO GO.

Game of Thrones is a great show, by the way, and you should all watch it. It's pretty chock full of nudity and extreme violence, but the storyline is good and if you've read the books it's even better because you can then see the visualiations of the story as it happens. Although I've heard that the newer seasons do not follow the book storylines as much, and that might be interesting to see. I've found that the book has been fantastic, and the first season did a really good job of following the book.
I watch all these TV series either from DVDs or from Internet. Haven't watch anything on television for years. I only even check anything on TV when there is interesting live sports event.
I watch the following TV shows!

1. The voice
2. Vikings
3. Local drama series
4. American Idol
5. NBA - its a series but i am following every game of it.
Recently watched Outlander series. Absolutely beautiful scottish landscapes.

Follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is threatened. When she is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior, a passionate relationship is ignited that tears Claire's heart between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.



Recently started watching the new Muppet show and it's so funny. I remember watching the older show (the Muppet Show) and I really enjoyed back then. This new one depicts their professional life beyond the camera and it looks like a parody of The Office.
BBC doctor who! going since 1963...
I am sorry

we now present a post about a German show
So You have to watch it with English Subtitles:
It is the

Kurt Krömer Show.

3 people sitting in a living room without any concept. It is so much funny. They are like real. The audience is laughing and laughing and we als in front of the TV machine.
House of Cards is the new show I am watching. I saw it on the plane because it was free but now I'm hooked and now I want to watch the entire seasons.
Very Happy I've started watching the old Batman Animated Series, these are so dark and so distinctive. Really surprising why I haven't done that yet, I've always loved the character designs in this show.
I am catching up with Doctor who. .. The modern series

My current list is kinda long.

On Air :
Jessica Jones
Agents of Shield
Castle (some people said it might not have next season)
The big bang theory
The flash
Criminal Minds (It's too bad that Jennifer Love Hewitt is not in this season)
Heroes : Reborn

Wait for next season
Better call Saul
Agent Carter
Stan and Laurel. They are so much funny.
And all our friends love is.
You can those movies also show Your parents. They ll love it to.
Well, these days the only shows that I am watching are The Flash and Arrow. They are exciting shows with interesting crossovers and character references. I also am watching The Walking Dead but since we're on a mid season break we have to wait a long time before we get to watch the latter half of season 6.

Talking about waiting, I feel that I'm getting old and old and old waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones. And when the episodes of this popular series starts airing, time flies and I find myself in the finale thinking we'd have to wait another year for another season. Awesome show though.

Oh, and I also started and finished watching the first season of Jessica Jones. It was a different type of series, quite different than what I am used to watching it. My reaction to it is, "Meh." May be I will continue watching House from season 5 onward when I get the time.
Just finished watching Community, what an awesome series!!
Now either starting entourage or californacation.

Not sure yet.
Person of Interest (Waiting for final season 5)
Silicon Valley (waiting for season 3)
Once Upon A Time (I'm at Season 4 but I only watch it with my sister)

In the past, I've also watched
Big Bang Theory
Transparent has been a really good show to watch that isn't on regular TV. It's won a lot of different awards and I like it because you can watch it with Amazon Prime, which a lot of people have already for the shipping benefits. People don't realize that they have it included with their Amazon Prime membership, but it is there for people who want to watch movies and tv shows online without having to watch it on their tv like Netflix or Hulu.

Anyways, great show that is very funny and there is a lot of good acting and dialogue in the show that is fantastic. Highly recommend if you are looking for something interesting to watch online and you have an Amazon Prime membership.
The Walking Dead
Fear The Walking Dead
and I am waiting for new episodes. In addition black books my favorite sitcom.
These days, I am so excited for Quantico.
I have just watched all 5 series of Breaking bad!
It was best at the beginning where the wife was not the planning boss of the family hehe, so fun. But the final episodes was great too, to see how it ended.
Breaking Bad is the best.
Now watching Fargo and Sherlock.
Borgia (2011-2014) with Mark Ryder!
Watching right now.


I just started watching Strong Woman Do Bong-soon and it is quite entertaining. It's about a girl who has some special ability that she inherited from her mother and a company president. I am still on episode 1 but the current episode is 5 so it has a long way to go. I just hope it will be enjoyable and fun until the very end.

Since moving to South Africa and staying with my brother and law, I've got an amazing package of TV shows to view. I come from a very limited selection in the UAE from Nilesat - free shows only on MBC. Now I have a limitless selecton of favourites Law and Order SUV, new MacIver, Lethal Weapon, Taken, all of the Chicago series.
Television today is a wasteland of not much good,but if I have to pick one it's-Empire.
Currently watching lots of series:
1. Most of the comic book based series like Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Agents of Shield, Lucifer, etc.
2. Season 8 of Doctor Who
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